Steph Curry, J.R. Smith, Lance Stephenson compete in new Crossover Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season we had the occasional Crossover Contest post. This season, I was planning on saving up some of this season’s best crossovers for one big season-ending post. But after the weekend we had, I think we need to break out another Crossover Contest, because dudes were putting people on skates all across the NBA.

Let’s start in Cleveland, where J.R. Smith sent Brandon Knight flying with a killer crossover…

VIDEO: J.R. on Knight

Now to Los Angeles, where Chandler Parsons had Lakers forward Ryan Kelly all mixed up…

VIDEO: Parsons on Kelly

In Detroit, down the stretch in a close game, Lance Stephenson went at Anthony Tolliver and left him stumbling in his tracks…

VIDEO: Lance on Tolliver

And let’s end with Stephen Curry yesterday out in the Bay, where he crossed over half the Clippers and drained the three…

VIDEO: Curry cross

Now it’s your turn: Who had the trickiest dribble? Cast your vote for the winner in the latest Crossover Contest…


  1. lol at steve kerr’s reaction.

  2. Brian says:

    Well I’ll rule out JR and Curry since they didn’t do any crossover dribbling both had behind the back dribbles. I’ll give it to Lance.

  3. BKAY says:

    Jr Smith Pushed off…
    Parsons carried over the defender
    Lance Stephensons reaction ruined it for me
    Currys wasnt much of a crossover but hella handles

  4. garbage says:

    curry’s crossover wasn’t even that good. CP was trying a hail mary steal after recovering from that screen and DeAndre’s attempt at a stealmight as well have been from the other side of the court thats how relevant it was.

    • Hater says:

      Curry’s crossover was the best of the weekend and is one of the best ball handlers in the league, you cant argue over a behind the back crossover on one of the fastest guys in the league being Chris Paul, and stepping back on an 7 footer and hitting a turn around three without his feet set. The guys a machine so stop hating on him and give him the bragging rights he deserves because he’s this years MVP and you know it!

    • skrutz says:

      I’m on the same page. Damn impressive shot, balsy, great handles…. but I don’t see why its THAT amazing.

  5. ExileD says:

    That’s a travel on Parson, he took a step a head

  6. kevin says:

    these are great

  7. TUAN M NGO says:

    None, Jamal Crawford is G.O.A.T In Cross next to A.I

  8. Franck says:

    Tim Hardaway!

  9. tony says:

    harden’s on rubio was better than all of those.

  10. Bradley says:

    Curry wasn’t even close

  11. John says:

    Lance’s cross on tolliver was funny as hell but wasn’t as good as curry

  12. Gator says:

    Tim Hardaway!

  13. Marcus says:

    All of them were nasty, but I thought Kelly’s knee gave out on him. So I gotta give it to Parsons.

  14. Leo says:

    Most of the crossover moves happened to be in one -on -one situation . Curry”s case was different. He was crowded by defenders, and yet he managed to free himself and finished it with a three points play. It was amazing.

  15. ash ketchum says:

    Chandler’s crossover looked like a travel. He brought the ball up to his chest essentially holding the ball then dribbled again. Also the defender’s foot slipped so hard and it still took Chandler awhile to get by him. It wasn’t smooth at all, although the finish was nice.

  16. TheBatave says:

    Curry’s move was not a crossover. It’s an incredible dribbling prowess with a ridiculous shot. Like video game style. But nobody was crossed over. no ankles were broken.
    JR Smith all the way

  17. Thomas Nyman says:

    you left out jamal crawford the baddest of the all

  18. dahool says:

    J.R is the best!

  19. and_then_face says:

    is this how the nba define the crossover nowadays? tim hardaway and allen iverson must have been ashamed of their successors…

  20. joseph says:

    james hardens cross over on rubio was better then any of these just sayin and parsons carried like a mf.

  21. Allen Johnson says:

    Kyrie Irving has the best crossovers, though! He will break anyones ankles…

  22. seriouslyyy says:

    jr smith push the guy, not a crossover, sorry
    parson started good but carried so no, sorry
    curry is cooking but it’s not really a cross, so no, sorry
    lance is the only clear and legit cross here.

    My point, highlights have to be made by peoples who actually know basketball. sorry whitaker and the edit boys but it’s always the same with you, travels, goaltendings, offensive fouls dunk, this is wildly inacurate and amateurish.

  23. Kevin N says:

    How are people calling Curry’s dribble not a cross over? He crosses over left-to-right on Barnes, right-to-left on Deandre, behind the back to the same left hand on CP3, does another cross-over back to the right hand on Hawes, then does a turn around three pointer – nothing but net, How is this even a contest, Curry for the win for sure.

    • skrutz says:

      He changes hands, which is a crossover technically, but it’s lacking the full body-weight fake that usually goes with a good crossover. This was more avoiding hands and feet, rather than sending someone the wrong direction – which is the purpose of a crossover. Tricky dribbling and wicked ball control, but it doesn’t feel like a crossover.

  24. TheTruth says:

    For those of you who don’t think Curry’s was a crossover know nothing about basketball. If you want the definition of a crossover, here it is He had both DeAndre and Paul reaching for air BECAUSE of his behind the back CROSSOVER. Get your facts straight people.

  25. nasty nas says:

    1. Curry
    2. Lance
    3. JR

    4. Parsons

  26. Tim Tomson says:

    Curry’s move behind the back would get picked off half the time by CP because he can’t see behind his back and it almost did! This shouldn’t even be in the crossover list, Lance wins. Curry got way too much hype from NBA on that move. Kinda ez

  27. Kreso says:

    CURRY is the best. I do not understand what the player needs to do to realize that he is the best

  28. Tim Tomson says:

    He is not the best, in fact not even at his position. Westbrooke crapped all over him every game they played. When it comes to the last shot, curry can barely even get one off because he is so undersized and defense is so in your face in playoffs this is will IGGY will get the ball and they will lose. He is a great player but no Westbrooke and no Lebron or hardon(as much as I don’t like them)

  29. leefoe says:

    Irving should of been in there

  30. Ivrie says:

    J.R Smith say what you want about him with his kidish antics the boy can play nd if you look closely you can see just that he made it looked like 3 guys pushed him down the court the defender flew as if he had rope tied to his back Lol

  31. Me says:

    Pause…Curry crossed matt barnes at the beginning of the play n j.r. didn’t push off, brandon knight just can’t play defense and j.r. leave people on skates sometimes

  32. KorverMania says:

    Kemba anytime

  33. Bird33 says:

    Harden and Irving are good. And John Wall sometimes puts on a show. But if we’re talking the best in today’s NBA, Mr Jamal Crawford gets my vote. G.O.A.T p Alan Iverson gets that vote.

  34. bubba says:

    parsons carried, lance just had a weak defender tripping over himseff, curry has some sick handle but didnt cross no one over.. i guess that leaves JR ftw, but that wasnt even that great. defender still cut baseline off, leaving jr with a shot that he obviously would love to take and not miss..

    overall weak selection

  35. Guy123 says:

    Curry’s wasn’t good at all.. It was only through 3 defenders and all he did after that was a turn around fade away three.. No big deal.. So dumb

  36. Dwadefan03 says:

    It’s gta b lance he is the only one who did an acutal crossover curry did a behind the back move chandler didn’t even expect for him to fall and he just reacted to Kelly’s bad footing j.r stepback behind the back once again not a crossover no reason lance should b losing in this category if it was best play then U would choose curry

  37. Mr. Basketball says:

    Isaiah Thomas aka Zeke (Detroit Pistons badboy leader for you basketball neophites) has the most dangerous crossover and handle in the business. He would crossover players between their own legs. Next is Tim Hardaway, his crossovers were so violent. He would come down at the top of the key and cross over right to left then back again so hard that the defensive player always went for it. Nex would be A.I. second best little man to play the game (Zeke is the best). speed quickness and tons of heart. for today. Kyrie and Curry have the best handle in the game right now.

  38. Jack says:

    stephs move wasnt even an ankle breaker.

  39. Foul call MVP says:

    Poor Brandon Knight, Jr Smith gets this one easy, wicked crossover!! Curry was insane with that one, but i still only crazy ball handling no crossover there

    • Foul call MVP says:

      Damn, sorry got mixed up there 🙂 i think Curry’s crossover was more ball handling skills then a crossover

  40. The G.O.A.T says:

    Curry play was great but unfortunatly it was not a crossover so i’ll give it to j.r. because knight was the one that fell to the ground and I love watching that kid embarrased, but I still respect him as a player and person

  41. mike jordan says:

    harden on Rubio was one of the best crossovers so those who say that Stpeh Curry’s crossover wasn’t impressive, if you can do that to three great defenders, that’s the time you can react on that great magic trick

  42. ANDYDUB says:

    Steph, there were several crossovers in that one play. PS: Thanks for the 4 separate 30 second commercials…. sheesh.

  43. Louis says:

    this is a typical Steph Curry fan boy vote. J.R. Smith’s was by far better. He put Knight on his butt sliding. Curry’s was alittle lame.

  44. Justin L says:

    these all weren’t that good, partly lucky. Curry just has amazing dribbling sklills and can make a shot from anywhere on the court.

  45. Peter says:

    Lance was the one that made me laugh. Curry is sick doe

  46. fat head says:

    Stephenson gets on my nerves. He’s a fat little lady

  47. T'F ? says:

    How is Curry’s not a crossover? You guys have just gotten so used to isolation plays that when a someone breaks someones ankles then thats a crossover but in actuality Curry crosses 4 guys by himself. He may not leave a 4 players behind him or on the floor but its the fact that all 4 reached for the ball and Curry kept his handle. He then finished with a contested, unset 3-pointer in all of their faces, which is amazing.

    J.R’s was nice, I’ll give him that.
    Parsons carried so it kinda ruins the cross.
    Lance had a terrible defender on him so yes he crossed him but it wasnt that hard to do.

  48. Adam says:

    no kyrie? fail.

  49. wzup with the haters says:

    Haters saying Curry’s wasnt that great or impressive cant even your shoes! You couldnt do that on Chris Paul Matt Barnes and Deandre in 2k15 or a real bball court for that matter. Lance reaction ruined for me though I was ohhh till he did that shoulder shake dance he is over the top like most of you commenters