Minnesota Timberwolves go above and beyond for letter-writing fan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When I was a kid, I decided to try and collect autographs from many of my favorite NBA players and coaches. So I wrote letters to a bunch of NBA players and coaches, asking them to send me their signatures. Very few of them did, most of them did not. But one person went above and beyond: Then-Spurs coach Larry Brown not only sent me an autograph, he enclosed a Spurs t-shirt, shorts and a media guide. It was much more than I had asked for, and it was enough (for the time being) to make me root for the Spurs.

Reddit user Sibewolf also put pen to paper, sending hand-written letters to every NBA team. “I sent a letter to all 30 NBA teams asking why I should be their fan since my team, the Seattle SuperSonics, left in 2008,” he wrote in a post. “Only the Minnesota Timberwolves responded.”

And not only did the T-Wolves respond, they did so in an interesting way. According to the photo posted by Sibewolf, the Wolves not only responded with a letter listing the top ten reasons to become a Wolves fan, but they also sent along an autographed basketball…

via redditor Sibewolf


Sure, the ball may be a little old — Luke Ridnour, who signed the ball, hasn’t been on the Wolves since 2013 — but it’s above and beyond what any other team did. And it’s a nice way to make a fan for life.


  1. Mikey!!! says:

    damn i din need convincing to become a twolves fan but i got nothing from them 😦

  2. Karl says:

    Fitting that the ball is signed by Luke Ridnour. Your old team was the Sonics and i consider him the last Supersonic. He played with them until the end of their final season, but was then traded before making the trip to OKC so he was never a member of the Thunder.

  3. steve carver says:

    I know for a fact that they routinely do similar things and even more for many good causes. They have been very responsive for several groups and events I’ve worked with, mostly the special olympics, and president Chris Wright has been more than gracious.