Catching up with Allen Iverson

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At this point, it’s been five years since Allen Iverson last played in the NBA. The Sixers retired his number a year ago, and since then Iverson has mostly kept a low profile. But this week the Sixers sat down with Iverson and talked about everything from shoes to life on the road to the biggest trash talker he ever played against.

VIDEO: Catching up with Iverson


  1. Allen is the man. I really miss him.

  2. Baller50 says:

    Still my favorite player of all time (Dwayne Wade a very close second). Loved this guy’s game & heart. HUGE reason I love basketball. Once-in-a generation NBA player. Put him in the HOF already. Also it doesn’t look like he’s aged a day either haha. Good stuff.

  3. While I am a Derrick Rose and Vince Carter fan, this guy is a true legend. Along with people like Dr J, and Isiah Thompson, Al ol’ boy is a beast.

  4. Domo_Million says:

    The realest ever! Georgetown forever! DMV.

  5. bwisher says:

    Do you think Iverson will re surface in another role within basketball? whether that be coaching at pro or collegiate level, mentor, etc. due to his role as a player and influence within the NBA