Paul George’s jump shot looks good

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Over the last few months, we’ve seen a few videos of swingman Paul George as he gets closer and closer to returning to action for the Pacers. In fact, with the Pacers pushing for a playoff spot, some have wondered just how much a return from George could boost the Pacers. And while we don’t know exactly how his athleticism will be affected by the broken leg he suffered in the scrimmage with Team USA, in this video from, PG’s jumper looks pretty good — even when he’s literally off the court.

VIDEO: George for 3


  1. Jyu says:

    we all forget how good of a player paul george is

  2. ron says:

    PG13 looking good on his jump shot…can wait to see him back in action #go pacers

  3. Peace says:

    Thanks for the contagious smile!

  4. How good he was can’t say is has not played yet that’s like calling Derrick Rose an MVP

  5. Mud says:

    He only made one after a few attempts. Nothing in this video is worthy of a whole page and article.

  6. Jose says:

    it looks like if the video was edited… no question he made the shot, just not sure he made exactly after he said “this is what i do … “

  7. Key'n says:

    It is my birthday. Paul George wont be trying to block shots on the fast break anymore

  8. Hammu says:

    Looking Forward to have you back on the Court PG13 Get 110% FIT!!!

  9. rock the jackson says:

    wow paul is looking good hope he could come back before the playoffs

  10. GameTime says:

    This what I do, (jump shot..Land) *breaks leg*