Shaqtin’ A Fool: Volume 4, Episode 19

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  1. Lol says:

    Possibly the worst episode of shaqtin ever

  2. kurokoydota says:

    why is the major blunder of Deandre Jordan not included in Shaqtin’ a Fool? it should be TOP 1 of the year or of all time

  3. Brian Brian says:

    Oh KLAY whahahhhh

  4. nackliss says:

    how on EARTH did deandre jordan’s missed putback attempt not make it

  5. ilbo says:

    What about Deandre Jordan and Chris Paul under the rim show????

  6. Jonathan says:

    No DeAndre Jordan not dunking with the game on the line when he just stands there? Biggest Shaqtin’ ever!

    • AndresGuazzelli says:

      “Game on the line” is debatable. It was the end of the 3Q. That being said, I agree, that was a SHAQTIN’ for the ages!

      • bowlervtec says:

        it was the end of the 4th.

      • Dunk it says:

        It was at the end of the 4th! Not 3rd, so IT WAS with the game on the line.
        Very weak episode

      • CashMoney says:

        YEs it was in fact in the end of the 4th quarter. But the blunder was not of DeAndre Jordan, but the scoring table, that stopped the clock after the 24 second buzzer had sounded. That’s why it’s not on Shaqtin. Even though CP3 jumping up and down looked funny, it wouldn’t have counted even if he had put it back.

  7. La Fish says:

    Ahhh cant decide whether Klay or Otto

    But yeah Shaq where in the living world how you did not find, see, or even heard of DeAndre Jordan’s moment to put the ball back for the game winner against the Blazers???

    • EuroFan says:

      Don’t blame Shaq. He just reeds the paper they give him. This was mostly obvious at a Shaqtin’ episode were Shaq was reading the wrong document and the crew realised it after the 3rd play he presented. And then, Shaq said “It’s not my fault, I just read the paper they give me”.

      Most of the times, he hasn’t even read it before going live on air. He obviously doesn’t sit down and choose plays for this section of Game Time. It’s somebody else’s work and he should take the credit or blame for all this.

  8. conejo says:

    this one is not particularly funny… or after last one’s nothing will ever be.

  9. namık badur says:

    J Mcgale out Porter in

  10. Seekero says:

    So, where’s DeAndre’s fail? That should be the top Shaqtin’ a Fool play ever…what is going on?

  11. Lior says:

    About J.J. Hickson – He was out of bounds when the ball hit his legs… shoudn’t it be Denver’s ball?

  12. Zocom7 says:

    Stock is dropping once more on Shaqtin A Fool while Javale McGee is still looking to sign with a playoff team after being waived by the 76ers. A chance for Otto Porter to compete for 2014-15 Shaqtin MVP = a fair possibility.

  13. Mut3 says:

    Otto – the small brother of JaVale.

  14. Thanatos says:

    Deandre Jordan won’t make it because the clock was improperly stopped. Even if he had tried to put the ball back up there wasn’t enough time, so he didn’t make any mistake.

    • jay says:

      The clock still ticking when he got the rebound that’s why CP3 is screaming, DJ is not concentrating, it was their 1.7 sec expired not the gametime., He has enough time to dunk it since the time reset.

  15. luis says:

    where’s deandre!?? shaq is so biased! that’s he doesnt deserve to be in the crew. barkley shouldve take over he’s more hilarious

  16. luis says:

    where’s deandre!??

  17. jay says:

    I vote for Klay, a submarine dive

  18. Will says:

    haha this was funny I liked Anthony Tolliver matrix the most but Klay Thompson was funny as well