Do not look at this picture of Shawn Marion’s pinky finger

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Look, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m even posting this photo after the jump, just so the squeamish don’t stumble upon it on the All Ball main page.

Because, you see, fingers aren’t supposed to look like this. At least, most of them aren’t. There are people with fingers that bend in non-traditional ways, mostly former athletes who suffered an injury and didn’t have the luxury of time to let the finger heal correctly. (Such as Nets coach Lionel Hollins. Yikes.)

Or, in this case, Cavaliers forward Shawn Marion, who took to Instagram this weekend and noted he probably can’t wear a pinky ring. Oh, you think?

If you want to see the picture, scroll down. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Lol guess I can't rock a pinky ring lol

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  1. soulchorea says:

    did he just injure this, or is this a permanent thing????

  2. pokie says:

    Mittens for the Matrix.

  3. 1900 says:

    I’m sure it can be surgically repaired, but it will probably have to wait until he has some time off. It will never look normal again but it can be much improved.

  4. TK says:

    Yikes… Just “yikes”… It’s all I can muster

  5. patrick says:

    he’s just flexing it imo lol

  6. Boney Washington says:

    its from jamming his finger over and over again my step dad has the same thing on his pinky fingers

  7. stephen curry says:

    what is that

  8. stephen curry says:

    What is that?

  9. jasonborn says:

    lionel hollins pinky are like that too.

  10. Fab! says:

    it’s dislocated.. take a look at Shaun O’Hara’s or Torry Holt’s hand..they have the same condition. For them it’s permanent, or they didn’t get it fixed even though they’re retired.

  11. MvRCH says:

    LOL clickbait title..

  12. krazik says:

    3 in the front 1 in the back!!

  13. Abnoyfan says:

    Abnoy ka talaga!

  14. RB17 says:

    no wonder he has an ugly jump shot 😛