Manu Ginobili calls technical foul on referee

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — What if NBA players could call technical fouls on referees? Probably not a great idea. But if it were allowed, I think Manu Ginobili would have a pretty good case in this instance from yesterday’s Spurs/Wolves game…


(via r/NBA)


  1. djunsan says:

    1st time a ref will be in Shaqtin’ a Fool!

  2. Ezekiel clouden says:

    Ya Mr. Lang as I ws stating the facts as t why official sold have gotten the tech. He ws out of position n throwing in the ball Rule 9 section III is clear on the 10 second rule unless that rule has change since 2001 then this referee shod b fined new league policy. Referee sold b held accountable for there duties and errors as well and b well alert t the 10 second rule r bttr Rule 9.