Celtics fan takes LeBron dislike seriously

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERLeBron James understands it well: As one of the best players in the NBA, he not only has a lot of fans, he also has a ton of haters. Which may mean he gets anti-LeBron signs at a game, or maybe some mean tweets.

But this may be a first: A Jeep in the Boston area not only supports the Celtics, with a collection of stickers and a vanity license plate, but it also advertises hate for LeBron with a spare tire cover featuring a lifelike painting of a crying LeBron James. It’s like a rolling anti-Bronmobile.

(via @CelticsBlog)


  1. Brian.CA says:

    People have reasons why they hate LeBron. He’s quitter, liar, flopper. He needs Super Team to be a Champion.

  2. Adri says:

    @ Celtick fan
    The most imbecile ever. LBJ remains the G.O.A.T.

  3. IHateceltics says:

    Not a fan of James but Celtics fans are trully retarded…

    • Coup says:

      True. Bostonians, culturally wise, are stubborn. Living in Boston for four years has proved it a very culturally-locked place. I respect that cultural pride in some sense, but some bostonians have that in excess. They are stupid for not willing to accept even the slightest change, or even rage on comments that do not agree to their point of views.

      I’m not a Lebron fan, but his stats, wins etc. proved that he is one of the all time greats. Lebron’s haters argue that he is a quitter and needs other superstars to win championships. But these haters allow their hatred to dominate over their reasoning side. Who, in the NBA nowadays, got a championship with one superstar? Kobe + Gasol, Spurs Big 3 since 2000, Spurs old Big 3 in late 90s, Kobe+Shaq, Wade + Shaq, Detroit’s 3, Boston Big 3, Dallas Big 2… you get the gist. Even the Atlanta Hawks are winning this year, they still have three all stars from this year to win it.

      So attention to Lebron haters, if you continue to blind your reasoning with hatred, the only thing it proved is that you are illogical, and possibly have no emotional intelligence to have a balance between your hatred and biased views.

      • FutureCeltic says:

        With all due respect, LeBron has been to two stacked teams in the past year or so. First Wade and Bosh. When that died out, he left for Kyrie and K. Love.As soon as this dies out, he WILL move to another team. Who knows, he might even push for the Hawks or Warriors.

      • Lol says:

        It’s not just abt joining super teams..if he is arguably the GOAT, he should probably act like one. And not flop. Jordan, Kobe, Iverson, they never flopped..flopping is cheating..trying to get the ball back cuz ur defence can’t do the job.

  4. Rob says:

    This sort of thing goes on with sports fans all over the world. It is though very childish and pathetic.

  5. bullsfandan says:

    I am not a Celtics fan but I got to respect this fan’s ride. Nice wheels.. I admire your dedication. I got to give you props.

  6. lebronlovers says:

    hahaha yall hate on LeBron and say he needs super team to win but guess what? Micheal Jordan was 1-9 in the playoffs until scotty pippen got there. let that sink in. STOP HATING!!! especially since every hater of LeBron cant even play ball you just think that you can sit and hate. get off the players backs until you go put up there numbers

  7. Wes says:

    that’s hilarious… I hope we face off vs. cleveland in the first round.
    if we’re gonna pull an upset, might as well be vs baby lebron-bron…

    our heart vs your king.

    bleed green.

  8. cavs4life says:

    that face of Lebron is merely his typical facial reaction to the awful smell that the Celts leave behind every time he leaves them as losers on his court (or their court for that matter) Case closed. Boston goes nowhere this season. We all are aware.

    • Lance Evans says:

      Were you “Cavs for life” before this season? There is a reason why everyone hates LeBron and bandwagoners like you.

  9. John says:

    The average Celtic fan is an idiot. Everyone knows that.

  10. cavs4life says:

    yes Lance you are correct there is a reason for the hate for Lebron–jealousy by you and your bandwaggoners. and, yes, I have been a cavs fan before this season, maybe you should look at my screen name? Hello? John is correct obviously that you celt fans are idiots.

  11. bronfan says:

    lots of dumb comments on here…..lebron haters are typically the most ignorant nba “fans”…i would argue that lebron haters are fake fans because if you don’t appreciate lebron then you either don’t watch him play or are a retard….obviously he is one of the greats…lebron’s game speaks for itself…fans don’t have to defend him…

  12. stop saying that lebron sucks cause he’s one of the best players in the nba

  13. cavs4life says:

    matter of fact, yes I have been lifelong fan. you need only refer to screen name? Hello? John would be correct that celts fans are idiots. The hate you have and that of your bandwaggoners is borne of nothing but jealousy.

  14. CeltsFan4Life says:

    I think it’s just a picture from when LeBron played Boston in the 2010 ECF and cried after the Game 5 or 6 loss. So he’s taking it to the level in relevance to the C’s. Nothing more, nothing less.

  15. Nba know it all says:

    OK lebron is a good player but he only cares about himself. now i live in Boston to but i do think that this Celtic fan my have taken it a bit too far. but hey all i care about is the Celtics making it into the postseason, with the way they have been playing winning 9-12 games in the past few weeks i think that they can make it. #CELTIC PRIDE

  16. trevtrev34 says:

    Don’t talk that way about LeBron James. I actually met him and his b-ball game is pure money like, BRUH! He is just as good as MJ! And nobody can deny that. Look at his accomplishments and all y’all will change your minds because y’all are trippin’! LeBron is #Thebest #LBJ #LeBronislife

  17. Hoops Fan says:

    Lebronlovers – there’s a big difference between MJ/Pippen and Lebron/Wade/Bosh. Pippen was acquired by the Bulls via trade in his rookie season. Unproven talent and they had to overcome Detroit after 3 years of defeats… Lebron joined Miami’s bonafide star and brought along the Raptor’s best player. MJ also never scored single digit on a finals game. Which Lebron did. You don’t perform like that in the Finals when you’re considered the best player on the planet.