Kevin Love and his nightmare robot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At this point, Kevin Love is well established as one of the best rebounders in basketball. Even this season, playing reduced minutes, Love is in double digits, averaging 10.1 rpg. How is he so good at rebounding? Well, in a new commercial for chocolate milk, Kevin Love discusses
“the art of rebounding,” and shows his workout regimen, which apparently involves…a robot?

But not just any robot! This is a robot that unfolds into a terrifying spectacle. Like, I will legit have a nightmare about this thing…


The good news for humanity, I suppose, is that the robot apparently can’t shoot — that’s why it works out with Love, so he can practice grabbing rebounds. And I know the robot is Love’s workout partner, but…man, I don’t think I’d ever want to turn my back on something like that. Wonder if it’s eligible for a 10-day? The Sixers could definitely use some help.

Oh, and here’s the commercial…

VIDEO: Love Rebounding Robot

(via CBS)

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