Throwback Thursday: MJ’s return in 1995

VIDEO: Take a look back at Michael Jordan’s career

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Today’s Topic: Michael Jordan returns to the NBA

On June 20, 1993, Michael Jordan scored 33 points on 13-for-26 shooting as the Bulls beat the Suns 99-98 in Game 6 of The Finals to clinch a third straight championship. Several months after that win, Jordan retired from the NBA to pursue a career in baseball and the Bulls tried their best to carry on without their marquee star. Chicago reached the 1994 Eastern Conference semifinals losing in a Game 7 to the New York Knicks behind the MVP-caliber play of Jordan’s old sidekick, Scottie Pippen.

Then came March 17, 1995 and things became right again in the NBA world for the Windy City. With a simple faxed message stating “I’m Back”, Jordan was on his way back to Chicago once again. Two days later against the Indiana Pacers, Jordan suited up (albeit in a No. 45 jersey instead of his usual No. 23) and had 19 points on 7-for-28 shooting in a 103-96 road loss.

With Jordan’s return to the court in mind, we take a look back on the career of perhaps the greatest player ever in NBA history.

Gallery: Throwback Thursday: Michael Jordan’s career

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  1. MarchinMartian says:

    My favorite moment was when he put the ball in the hoop.

  2. Iago says:

    The flu game

  3. spurs_equal_dinosaurs says:

    Best moment of him was growing up watching the best of his time play then when he became an owner during the lockout of the 2011-2012 season he even though has once been a player himself but now an owner disrespected players and came out and bad mouthed the players union instead of standing up for a brotherhood that he was once a part of and was especially once in their shoes, WHAT A LOSER.