NBA players react to Steve Nash retiring

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier today, former two-time MVP Steve Nash announced his retirement. Nash, an 8-time All-Star, had been riddled with injuries the last few seasons as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. As news spread of Nash’s retirement, players around the NBA took to social media to say goodbye and show respect…


  1. craadle says:

    You’re the one who made me fall in love with this game. I thank you for that. You’ll always be my favorite player. Thank you for all you’ve done in the NBA and I wish you only the best.

  2. Bird33 says:

    As a Canadian kid who loved the game of basketball (and is now 47)…..Thank you Steve. You made a nation proud the way you carried yourself on and off the court. Enjoy a well deserved retirement and thanks again for the memories.

    A proud Canadian and Steve Nash fan,

    James in Nova Scotia

  3. Soup says:


  4. halim muhadri says:

    Steve i will you would have never retired. I am going to miss your game. The way you played worked hard and just enjoyed the game.

  5. I thought he had announced his retirement already earlier this year?

    Anyway, I loved watching you with the Mavs. I loved watching you with the Suns. I rooted for you to defy odds and beat the Lakers in the playoffs, and you came pretty close.

    And as a Kobe hater, I LOVE how well you messed up his chances at a 6th ring!

    Awesome career, start to finish, to the very end 😀

  6. Tudor says:

    Wow … i didn’t imagine i would be so sad …

  7. colby says:

    man you are my idle I hope you can be an announcer cause you are one of the greats.

  8. Ron says:

    Steve Nash, Thanks for making the NBA fun to watch.
    Nothing but the best in your retirement.
    Oh Canada.

  9. Eastbrook says:

    Jordan got people to watch basketball, Stevie made us fall in love with it.

  10. chris says:

    nice job grabbing those last 3 years of paychecks

  11. Paul says:

    Thanks for screwing over the Lakers on your way out.

    -Lakers fans all over.

    • Rey Bracamonte says:

      Screw the lakers.

    • sports fan says:

      You just made yourself look like a fool with your post. Show some respect. And btw, the Lakers took a chance on him & it just didn’t turn out well. The Lakers screwed themselves over.

    • Still livin in the past says:

      Ok , kobe you’re next!.. Stop acting being tough, Father Time is undefeated ….

  12. lbj says:

    There was an article on Bleacher Report a few weeks back detailing how Steve delayed his retirement announcement for the Lakers.

  13. Bikash says:

    Its a sad day for basketball fans. You will be missed. The skill set and toughness you brought to each of the game made it exiting to watch you play. Even though, i am a Jazz fan, you made me like the teams you played for. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope to see your participation in NBA more.

  14. Thank you for the memories Steve. Excited for your new endeavours. Keep us all posted! God Bless You.

  15. Nuwr says:

    I’ve always like Steve Nash & his work ethics his been a role model to so many. keep your head up & in the game

  16. steve nash says:

    I inspired white kids to play basketball with black and reduced racism and globalized the game and my genius mind not only reads basketball plays before others but also trick my enemy…The Lakers

  17. Jan Vacha says:

    Steve. My most favourite player. I like so much. I can´t imagine. I give honours and all respect that I got to you. Have a best life you can imagine. You´re my mentor like on but also off the court.

    You just rock and that´s the point. Have the best life you can have. You deserve it like nobody else…

  18. Rob says:

    One of the best basketball players ever to grace the court he made his teammates better He also made Amare the player who he is today thanks for all the great memories

  19. Billy Lair says:

    OMG! I love your games, as well as my friends in China!

  20. Amare Stoudamire says:

    Thanks for my career in the NBA. I couldn’t have done it without you.

  21. Jack says:

    Good riddens. Time for the lakers to move on

  22. greg c. says:

    ur the best steve..thank you for all the good memories,

  23. Metallica says:

    Congrat steve, enjoy retirement

  24. RichI says:

    Incredible PG! One of the G.O.A.T.! Thanks Steve for an entertaining style of basketball!

  25. Mark says:

    Man, happy but sad day. The best white man point guard in the game with swagger. Sad to see yo leave. Inspiration to all short players. Made a huge difference on how we and the future play the game. Congrats.

  26. BB Fan says:

    An amazing talent, so fun to watch over the years. Always a gentlemen on and off the court, a mentor for kids to look up to, and a big brother to so many in the game! Enjoy your retirement, you will be missed!!!

  27. Kamote says:

    Karl Malone – Michael Jordan
    Steve Nash – Shaquille O’neal
    Derrick Rose – LeBron James

  28. Alx says:

    loved the suns like no other team. remember steve nash with a disfigured face taking it to the dreaded spurs in the playoffs. good luck whatever you do next.

  29. Rey Bracamonte says:

    Best point gaurd to ever wear a suns jersey. I still think you have gas in the tank for one more year . congrats on amazing career and good in future after basketball.

  30. Derrick Lim says:

    Thank you for everything Steve Nash. I started to watch NBA because of u during 2003 when you are teaming up with Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Finley, Antawn Jamison, Shawn Bradley and Eduardo Najera. U influenced me a lot in basketball and i love every games u play. You are the best Point Guard ever!! Thank you for the 19 years career.

  31. MVP says:

    If only Artest wasn’t there to win the game in game 5 2010 WCF… what could have been

  32. Shaqson says:

    I used to say my favorite baller to watch since Magic. But as time went on I thought maybe even more fun than magic

  33. lyan says:

    I grew up trying to imitate Steve Nash. He made me the basketball player I am today. I’m extremely sad but its for the best and I will always looks up to him. Thank you for the inspiration and congratulations on a incredible career

  34. LEGEND says:


  35. Polak from Poland says:

    Only one word to name Steve’s career – !!!LEGENDARY!!!

  36. None Of The Above says:

    A great offensive player. He reminded me of John Stockton with his offensive play, though didn’t have Stock’s defensive skills. With all the knowledge, skills and experience he’s accumulated it would be great if he went into coaching at some point young guards would benefit so much from him.

  37. cant believe my boy steve nash is retiiring from the NBA.You were one of the many greats tht made me the basketball player tht i am today. Thank u 4 what u brought to this game.

  38. kobeballhog says:

    Great nash one of the best. At least he knows how to quit unlike one ballhog in lakerland still over his head that he still can play like a superstar. All respect goes to nash none to that ballhog

  39. PHX0410 says:

    Thx Nash for being legendary and giving me back my love for the game. I’ve enjoyed watching your story and experiencing how you changed basketball for the better. You were never afraid to be you in every way and the game needs more of this now more than ever!!

  40. dmh says:

    To all the bitter lakers fans that talk negative about Nash: Place the blame for your Lakers’ demise where it truly belongs with Kupchak and Jim Buss. They were the ones that got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and did not give Kobe an adequate TEAM that could hold their own. That includes their choices in coaches since Phil left. You don’t need a bunch of stars to win championships, you need a team that complements each other well enough.

    Now with Nash you have a dynamic player that basically added a twist to the game not seen since Stockton played. Maybe he wasn’t the defender Stockton was but, his Phoenix teams just had it. Nash had the blinding speed and vision to make pgs half his age wonder what the heck just happened time and time again. Unfortunately time and time again there are dynamic players and legends that are on the wrong side of the championship slide….. Lets see here, Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing,…… theres others but unfortunately add Steve Nash to that list of legends in their own right to never win a championship due to being at the wrong side of the court. Remember how he contributed to the game instead as 2 MVPs are no joke.

  41. "Smart" NBA fan says:

    Steve Nash one of the best point guards ever. i rank him in the top 5 all time. magic 1st then you can fight for 3 more names but you BETTER NOT FORGET STEVE NASH!! Respect to Nash for one hell of a career. almost perfect stats and his professionalism to his teamates is bar none.

  42. the biggest fan says:

    At one point of my life I realized I’d rather watch a phoenix suns playoff game than going to a booty call.

  43. Cristiano ibarraro says:

    Eh…. overrated

  44. deebs says:

    2 Steve Nash. the game was brought 2 u.

  45. Fake Tony Parker says:

    Sorry about elbowing you in the nose…hope you’re over that. Anyway, see ya!

  46. pacer schrotberger says:

    I remember the last 19 years of Your skills All good seasons

  47. Jim Timbow says:


    Thanks for showing kids how to be great by sharing first. As a soccer and basketball fan, you were one of my favorites. Cheers to one of the greatest! You will be missed.

  48. and_then_face says:

    suns should retire his number. nobody else deserves to don the #13 in phoenix…

  49. Chris says:

    Nash is probably the reason I became interested in basketball as a kid. Awesome player. Congratulations on a great career!

  50. Petar says:

    NO Lakers teammates with congrats to Nash here, didn’t seen single one… That was a stupid trade, to give picks for grand dad Steve who only sucked money out of the club and it’s a part of the reason why Lakers are tanking now :/…

  51. Walid Khan says:

    As a person who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona watching Steve Nash play was definitely the most defining moment of my childhood. I celebrated when the Suns won, and I cried when the Suns lost and wept when the Suns kept on losing to the Lakers and Spurs in the playoffs. But it was because of Steve Nash that we went to the Playoffs every year, and it’s because of Steve Nash that the Suns will never have a more beloved point guard in history. Thank you Steve Nash for making my childhood what it is today, the NBA, fans of basketball, fans of the Suns, and I will miss you. Happy retirement

  52. Mavs fan for life says:

    Steve Nash and Jason Kidd, the best point guards to ever wear a Mavericks jersy. Thanks to you and your influence on the organization They were able to succeed throughout the years. Happy retirement

  53. John Ewing says:

    Steve: As an ex player who was trying to stay young well into his 50’s and as an ex coach of basketball, Soccer ans Track and Field and who now is 75 I think I can look at you and your career with a certain perspective. You had many people who had an influence and you did a nice job in recognizing many of these people. But your uniqueness was that you put it all together and did it ,” Steve’s Way”. Your game was unique it was my pleasure to have watched you and your Sun teammates play some very enjoyable basketball. Not all fans comprehend the toll that this takes on a players body and that you were able to play as long as you did is amazing. Your influence on the game and on players both young and old was significant. And from the fans who loved to watched you pIay and the retirees who always turned on their TV’s so they could get some joy in their day, THANKS. I do believe in this saying, “In the heart of every old person lies a running child”. Thanks, Steve! You are my Hero.

  54. BOB Q says:

    the gretest point guard of all time

  55. J-shots says:

    Steve Nash has been and always will be my favorite basketball player. A true great on and off the court. I will always remember lighting my friends up in 2k9-11 with Steve’s off the chain 3 point shooting lol. Steve, you will be missed.

  56. mikevierri says:

    Proud to know you my man

  57. William says:

    Where’s the love from DIRK?!?!?!?!!?