Andrew Bogut will not share a towel with you

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In the heat of battle, basketball players are sometimes forced to share things that under normal circumstances perhaps wouldn’t be shared — water bottles, for instance. During last night’s Warriors/Jazz game, Golden State big man Andrew Bogut got tossed a towel that he used to wipe himself down. But when Utah’s Rudy Gobert tried to share Bogut’s towel, Bogut refused and took a stand, both for himself and for hygiene…


  1. robin sachs says:

    This is a bottom feeding statement. This is not news and portrays poorly on Bogut and Colbert. Please refrain from this style of reporting. Perhaps reporting on the rejuvenation of Leandro Barbosa’s career and how he has reinvented his game since becoming a Warrior with the help of the coaching staff.

  2. TheKush says:

    who shares towels? That must be a french thing

  3. OKC says:

    Get over yourself Robin.