San Antonio Spurs get a new (weird) theme song

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the most popular recent viral videos was “Too Many Cooks,” from the folks at Adult Swim. The video was a parody of the opening credits of a sitcom, that just went on and on and on. So Caleb Saenz at the Spurs site 48 Minutes Of Hell made his own parody video featuring “Too Many Cooks” set to the faces of plenty of former Spurs. This one is called, “Too Many Pops”…

VIDEO: Too Many Pops


  1. TheRealEK703 says:

    REALLY? TOO MANY Whaaa??




    #SORRY @washwizards 😟

  2. David says:

    Umm, wow Vinnie you changed so much since you retired…..

  3. spyrs fan says:

    That… was… AMAZING!!!