Angry Robin Lopez continues mascot attacks with renewed vigor

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The long-running battle between Robin Lopez and mascots around the NBA reached some sort of a breaking point last week, when the mascots, fed up with being beaten down by Robin Lopez, struck a stinging psychological blow. As we saw then, Cavs mascot Moondog attempted to drive a wedge within the Lopez family by befriending Robin’s brother Brook. When he saw the evidence, Robin reacted angrily on social media…

And it didn’t take Lopez long to start taking out his aggression on NBA mascots. A few days later, in Orlando, after light provocation from Stuff, the Magic mascot, Lopez hit him with a modified belly-to-belly suplex…

Then, in Memphis during pregame warmups, Grizzlies mascot Griz offered Lopez an olive branch…accompanied by a “KICK ME” sign on his back.

VIDEO: Griz vs Lopez

This battle clearly hasn’t reached its zenith. Let us hope for peace.


  1. Jin Tony says:


  2. radoslaw says:

    Haha, thats what you got for bullying a mascots Lopez!

    • nick anderson says:

      Love the fun between robin and mascots original idea think there should be a poster with robin and his friends

  3. chu-pa-in-mo-ko says:

    please… get a psychiatrist robin lopez

  4. Brenan says:

    How about the time the Brooklyn Nets jumped poor Hooper?

  5. lbj says:

    At least Robin Lopez has personality.

  6. hecstorm says:

    What’s with robin lopez fighting those mascots? maybe he only wants to get people’s attention, thus he has the right to hurt mascots? NBA should look at it.

    • GeoWolvesFan says:

      I think the NBA likes this “Sideshow Rob” persona. I’m surprised the Simpsons haven’t had him make a guest appearance.