Fans get another close look at Blazers blimp

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Portland Trail Blazers have a car-shaped blimp that flies around inside the arena and presumably drops gifts (t-shirts, coupons, etc.) to the crowd. Which is fun and a blast, except when it isn’t. Like a few months ago, when the car crashed into the stands, giving fans a very, very close look at the blimp.

And if there were any fans who didn’t get a great look at the blimp then, hopefully they were at the Moda Center last night when the Blazers hosted the Warriors, because the blimp once again decided to take a seat and watch some basketball…

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Oh no, not again! #PORvsGSW #blazers #blimpcrash

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  1. erin m pipes says:

    Oh, The Humanity!

  2. Bahahaha says:

    Well its a ford… what do you expect (;