Who are the best and worst dressed players on the Utah Jazz?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’ve ever thought to yourself, Hey, I wonder which members of the Utah Jazz are the best- and worst-dressed players on the team, then have we got a video for you. The Jazz dropped two videos exploring these very questions, and it turns out that there is a consensus when it comes to best-dressed, and then when it comes to the worst-dressed players, there are some clear opinions, particularly from Derrick Favors and Dante Exum.

VIDEO: Best Dressed Jazz

VIDEO: Worst Dressed Jazz


  1. Benjamin says:

    Joe Ingles is a farmer from the dusty outback of Australia. Of course he has never seen anyone spend any money on clothes except leather “cowboy hats”. Dante, please, no pink backpacks!

    • Common Sense says:

      The pink backpack is the Jazz’s form of hazing for rookies among other things. So yes, Dante has to wear the pink backpack….
      You’ve been common sensed!