Lillard is no small wonder

VIDEO: Damian Lillard’s top dunks

We are clearly in a golden age of point guards in the NBA.

There’s explosive floor generals like Russell Westbrook, John Wall and Derrick Rose. Slick distributors like Chris Paul. Sharpshooters like Stephen Curry.

And then you have Damian Lillard, a well-rounded point guard who hasn’t met a paint he can’t penetrate, nor a rim he can’t detonate.

Just take a look at what he’s been able to do this season when he puts himself in position to finish at the basket. I’m sure every opponent’s game plan makes the note, but it begs repeating: You have to keep Lillard out of the paint. Or trouble awaits.


  1. OKC says:

    God I remember the first time we saw this dude do this in summer league. It’s been a blast watching his career.

  2. Connor says:

    Where is his double clutch dunk vs san antonio in OT?

  3. Tony Parker says:

    Come on. What about the most successful point guard currently in the league and Finals MVP? Why overlook Tony Parker every time?