Stephen Curry’s pregame routine is pretty awesome

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night I went to the Clippers/Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. While standing on the court during pregame warmups, I noticed Clippers point guard Chris Paul going through a series of pretty cool warm-up drills, so I pulled out my phone and took to social media…

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.@cp3 doing work

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Every NBA player has his own warm-up routines and rituals. The Warriors posted this video of Stephen Curry going through his pregame routine, and it’s pretty cool to see all the different things he can do, and how effortlessly he’s able to make all of them look…

VIDEO: Curry Warmup


  1. monta ellis says:

    monta ellis has best pre game

  2. Erlo says:

    Stephen Curry or Chris Paul? I’m confused.

  3. LeggoHeat says:

    Impressive. I’m not even a Curry fan.

  4. hac says:

    Geez – This is CP3

  5. junn2 says:

    Good post, but i wish the reporter didn’t show his face too much, it kills the excitement of watching curry’s routine!

  6. steve nash says:

    proud of my son

  7. duhwighthoward says:

    I think he is a good player.

  8. en. says:

    Let’s just shut up and wait for the best out of 7 series in playoffs

  9. OKC says:

    Bah I wanted to see the tunnel shots!

  10. brickfare says:

    right before his birthday game against new york, steph had 25/11

  11. josip says:

    Wow he is god of warriors…impressivešŸ‘

  12. Da Truth says:

    Meh.. looks pretty easy.. you should see my pregame.

  13. jazynaz says:

    i guess we have to go to the chris paul story to see the steph curry video…if i had known this, i wouldn’t have bothered clicking this page. i don’t really care what chris paul does!