Tim Duncan hits a 3 to win a $100 bet

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERTim Duncan has been in the NBA for almost two decades now, so without getting into too much detail, it’s probably safe to assume that Duncan has grossed a lot of money throughout his career. So for Duncan, a bet with $100 at stake probably isn’t a big deal. At least, the $100 part of it isn’t a big deal. Winning the bet? That might be where the motivation comes from.

Last night during the Spurs/Thunder game, with the Spurs up big and the shot clock running down midway through the third quarter, Duncan had to hoist up a long three-pointer from the corner.

And as Duncan’s girlfriend pointed out on Twitter, there was more to that shot than just beating the buzzer…


  1. TD21 says:

    that is one fundamentally sound three-pointer…

  2. nvcwolff says:

    Hi could hold on for another 4-5 years if he all of the sudden starts being the much better version of Channing Frye

  3. Fahad Khan says:

    Tim Duncan is the worst NBA Player ever

  4. Michael Neff says:


  5. michael yu says:

    Fahad Khan he got 5 rings and you said he’s the worst NBA player ever? you must be out of your mind

    • Kingsley Chan says:

      100% agree, Michael! This guy quietly goes about his business, you don’t hear about him holding out for max contracts, you don’t see papparazi shots of him at the rippers or with illicit drugs in his hand, or driving under the influence. Duncan has been nothing but a SOLID professional, oh and he has some pretty ridiculous stats to boot. You were either being sarcastic, Fahad, or you really just don’t know NBA at all…

  6. Nick says:

    Very cool… makes me think of the real questions: Is this gambling? Precursor to NBA opening up to sports betting? Political statement that Adam wants to make? — What is the difference between this documented instance and a team trying to beat the spread in Vegas?

  7. William says:

    5x NBA champion
    3x Finals MVP
    2x NBA MVP
    2x Olympic gold medalist
    6th NBA all time blocked shots
    8th NBA all time rebounds
    16th NBA all time points

    …yeah Khan, you make a good point. Give me Harrison Barnes over Duncan any day. You’re smart and say smart things.

  8. BasketBallFan says:

    michael yu … don’t feed the trolls. They just need someone to reply to them. Ignoring them is the best way 🙂

  9. Angel says:

    I must say he is Indeed a Handsome legend wit mad haters but I love how he humbles himself and play the game like its suppose to be played he still 1 of the greatest in my book

  10. stephen curry says:

    He is the 10th best nba player in nba history, khan

  11. RB17 says:

    Best Power Forward to ever play the game of basketball !!!

  12. colby says:

    now who said you couldn’t teach a old dog new tricks.

  13. Jamal says:

    That was awesome lol. Best PF ever!

  14. td21 says:

    sarcasm anyone?