Jared Dudley perfects backward shot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There was only one NBA game last night, but the lack of action doesn’t mean there wasn’t any All Ball worthy action. Milwaukee’s Jared Dudley, for instance, got open in the corner and took a shot that somehow went the exact wrong direction from where he was aiming. It was obviously a mistake, but my guess is that it won’t stop this from being a Shaqtin’ moment…

(via FTW)


  1. anthony says:

    SHAQTIN A FOOL!!!!!!

  2. J.Dudley says:

    Look at the guy who caught the ball! He was ready and this was him who made this happen. Wow. Houdini.

  3. Mike Jackson says:

    Nice shot Jared “Butterfingers” Dudley. Was the ball that slippery?

  4. Mike Jackson says:

    And the Shaqtin’ a Fool award for the backwards shot goes to….. Jared Dudley

  5. jake s. says:

    Looked like he may have also been out of bounds with left foot. Close one.