Blake Griffin shows off crazy reverse block

VIDEO: Blake reverse block

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Blake Griffin goes and pulls off something like this. My favorite part of this play might be the way Boston’s Jonas Jerebko responds, with his hands out in almost a shrug, as if to say, Did that really happen?


(GIF via r/NBA)


  1. Rudy was offsides says:

    Um…. That is a goaltend. He touched and hung on the rim while a shot was being taken.

  2. Slam23 says:

    Incredible, it almost looks as if he already knew he had to go 360 beforehand, or has he that much body control?

  3. Zocom7 says:

    A 360 degree block? This should be interesting to see if that play makes to ESPN’s Top 10 plays of the week.

  4. AlleigHoops says:

    Thats basket interference by Blake and then Deandre. Should not have been alllowed.

    • Larry Robertson says:

      The NBA rule 11 on basket interference does not apply to the block by Blake Griffin. There was no shot attempt prior to Griffin’s block.The ball was no where near or on its way to the basket. The refs got it right.

  5. RJ says:

    It really isn’t. He barely brushed the rim flying through, and that doesn’t even matter, because he blocked the shot before it had any hope of getting to the rim.

    • RJ says:

      And also, it isn’t basket interference by Deandre. For one, the shot had already been blocked and sent away from the basket. Secondly, It doesn’t even look like Deandre even touched the rim. In conclussion, why talk out of your arse? Do you enjoy it? It’s obnoxious, the level of stupidity.