Michael Jordan can still get buckets, talk trash

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERMichael Jordan is not only maybe the greatest basketball player of all-time, he’s also one of the greatest trash talkers to ever play the game. MJ may have retired as an active player in 2003, but in a video that showed up this weekend on Instagram, looks like MJ’s still got it…and I don’t just mean the basketball.

While in the Bahamas this weekend, where he played golf with a couple of pro golfers and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the group ended up on a basketball court, where MJ sank a jumper and then dropped some classic trash talk. “Hey man, you don’t have YouTube? You better put on Michael Jordan, for real.”


  1. None Of The Above says:

    Some guys from the golden era (MJ & The Dream leading the way) could probably go in the NBA now even though they’re over 50 years old.

    • Greg Washington says:

      Nah, although the greatest nobody, not even MJ would get picked up or even get a minute of playing time in the nba.

    • Phanet Metayer says:

      I think MJ could still drop 15 to 20 points a game If knees are still healthy.

  2. milion dolla man says:

    yea that was awsome

  3. Ned says:

    Did he just say and one? lol Magic was right, you really can’t get too close to Michael otherwise it’s a foul hahah. I can’t believe he said and one lol

  4. Roy says:

    Let’s be realistic, sure they probably still have the technique and IQ to play in the NBA. But they wouldn’t be able to play effectively against the extreme athleticism it takes to compete in the NBA today. They would get out ran, out jumped, and out muscled.

    • Rumbero says:

      Its obvious, he’s 50. Put him in his prime in this league and no one of your so called superstars would be even close. The same for Hakeem. All these star centers couldn’t even compete with the second tier centers of the 90’s. These guys need too much rest and don’t have the talent to compete with those guys, Barkley, Malone, Ewing, Robinson, Kemp, Shaq, Magic, Pippen, Drexler, Isaiah, Bird, McKale, Morning, the list goes on and on. Not even close.

      • prototypext1 says:

        You’re not kidding! If Barkley was playing today, with his exact team he had back then, I’d bet he’d have 3+ rings by now! Go back to 2006 when Miami won the title, they had Shaq and Mourning, and even during his LAST year of playing, almost dying, getting an organ transplant and coming back, he STILL was dominating the low post! Now we get players like Durant, who has all the shooting skills and ball handling skills in the world, but he weighs like 95lbs and once one of those ankles goes, it’s downhill from there. Pretty sure Durant is going to be the next Rose and peak WAY too soon! The only reason why Lebron has gone as long as he has, is because he’s built like a professional wrestler! He can take those hits and falls. That’s how the big guys were back in the day!

  5. Basketballjohn says:

    I say make an over 45 league for the older guys and let them play ill watch them more than the current players!

    • joey says:

      So would I! I’m 39 so I grew up watching MJ. I Live in Greenville sc and that’s home of garnett and me and him played 2 seasons together in middle school but I never liked garnetts attitude though.

  6. LeggoHeat says:


  7. GoMavs says:


    That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

  8. Blue says:

    I don’t understand why this video is getting so much attention? Did everyone out there think just because he’s 50 he can’t make shots anymore? It’s Michael Jordan. He’s the logo on a basketball shoe for a reason. I want to see footage if the game got close.

  9. Julius_E says:

    looks like mike’s got a couple extra kg on 🙂

  10. Francois says:

    Best billionnaire ever !!!

  11. Narf says:

    I just get so sick of hearing about MJ….lets talk about players in the NBA now..not players from 2 decades ago.

    • noyb says:

      He can still kick your butt! Obviously you aren’t old enough to have seen him dominate the league, or you wouldn’t be talking smack like that.

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      Love to talk about some current players…problem is they’re resting…got nothing to talk about 😉

  12. mjgame says:

    I reckon it was the only basket he sank in the whole game.

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      MJ’s reference to Church Norris…

      MJ can win a first to 5 pick-up game with only 1 shot…

  13. Tim mcbone says:

    Larry Bird was still as good imo, I’ve seen all of their games. But it really is close. Anyone remember the jorder vs bird handheld games ect. man those were the days. MJ just join the NBA again and play a few mins a game, you will make so many smile. Cheers!! Did I mention I love Tom Brady!!! yes im a dude

  14. Kevin says:

    Every action, as little as can be where Michael is present is history. We may never see another talent like him. So whatever we can enjoy is always welcomed. Give us more Mike, give us more for our children to see how humble and talented you are.

  15. Paul says:

    Talking that stuff as usual. He got that from Bird and McHale & em.

  16. randy philippines says:

    MJ is my idol of all time

  17. Fons says:

    Why doesnt the NBA organize a yearly All-star game for former NBA superstars? something like the Celebrity All-star game but only with former NBA legends!!

    • david says:

      That’s way to much common sense. Why would the NBA give the fans something worth watching. All-Star Weekend has become a joke.

      • decipher60 says:

        Anyone remember in the 90’s when All Star weekend did have an all star game for the old timers?

  18. Paul says:

    This has become hilariously funny! So did anyone NOT figure this out?

  19. ix says:

    Jordan was the ultimate go to guy! No one can guard him one on one, so he can go the rim every time he wants. He has a killer mid, high post up with his un-guardable fade away shot and he is clutch and win with the game on the line. My son is 7 and I made sure he knows Michael Jordan and not just the current players now. He does like Curry, Lillard and Westbrook.

  20. Basketball is the only game that people think the players were better 20 years ago than they are today. Watch one of those 82-77 snorefests from the 90’s or the track meets masquerading as a basketball game from the 80’s. The game is light years ahead of where it was then.

    • decipher60 says:

      Heres a problem, No respect for the history of the game. They might be snorefest to you. Yes the game is ahead of where it was years ago. But the game has also gotten softer. Back then you came hard and played hard. Not like today where you cry I don’t foul out and people feel sorry for you. My advise is go back and really watch the games. Perhaps some enlightening will help you out.

  21. da guy says:

    Wow…Mj still ballin!Aye for real thought they should try to make a 35&over league that will be helluh sick and bring the nba alot of money with every one wanna see the old school players they grew up loving i will pay anything to see that.

  22. da guy says:

    Mj still got it….

  23. da guy says:

    Mj still got it…..They really should look into that thought a 40 and over league would b sick if that happens the nba really need think how much money people would pay to see the players they loved to come back nd play afew more games it should b like a 10-20games season like 6-8teams depending on how many people they can find in the playoff should b a best of 3games that would helluh tight nd the top 4teams can only b nd the playoffs….Iwould pay to see that forsure

  24. James Soften says:

    1) “Defenses were better when MJ played and scoring was harder!” PPG and FG % were both higher in the 80s and 90s compared to now. teams, on average, scored in the 100s throughout those two decades.
    2) “The game was more physical unlike today when too many soft fouls are called!” yeah, you could foul harder, but teams took MORE free throws per game than they do now. in fact, in 1986, the average number of FTAs/game was a whopping 30. it’s 23 today (source: basketball reference)
    3) “The East is weak now so LeBron has it easy” the 30-52 Bulls made the playoffs in the mid 80s. the East was so weak that when MJ left to play baseball, the Bulls went 55-27. for context, the Heat are 25-33 without LeBron.
    4) “The league was much more competitive then” Bird/Magic were on their last legs by the time the late 80s rolled around. 6 sub .500 expansion teams drastically watered down the league’s talent. as said before, VERY weak teams made the playoffs
    5) “LeBron and Kobe need superstars to win unlike MJ” MJ played with 2 HOFers (Pippen + Rodman), 2 all NBA defensive forwards (Oakley and Grant), a 6th man of they year (Longley), two 3 PT marksmen (Kerr/Paxson), and the all-time most winning coach in NBA history (Phil). the Bulls WITHOUT MJ made it to game 7 of the conference semifinals.
    6) “Handchecking made it harder to score” when handchecking was disallowed, PPG and FG % actually went DOWN. that’s because zone defense was made legal, and teams could play increasingly complex schemes. MJ played in an era of very simple, isolation-oriented defense because teams could not stack one side of the floor or trap without illegal D being called.
    7) MJ shot 27% from the current NBA 3. the only reason his career % is 33% is because the NBA moved the line in during the mid 90s (source: nba rule history)
    8) 6/6 in the Finals is not perfect and it means nothing. MJ was 1-9 in the playoffs with 3 first round exits before the Bulls got Pippen. in fact, losing in the Finals is an accomplishment because it means you won 12 games and were the 2nd best team in the NBA. fans act like being one and done is better than getting to the Finals which makes ZERO sense.

    • emma says:

      The heat not only lose Lebron: wade is ailing and bosh is out. When Mj left the bulls, they had all the team in his prime. That´s why bulls went to playoff. Pippen wasn´t a superstar until he started to develop his game with michael. The stats are relative: you need to watch the games to make a comparision. I invite you to watch the last series against the jazz.
      I think the only reason why the NBA insisits in Lebron and Kobe greatness (they are incredible players anyway) is because the league is a business and the guys that are running it can´t admit that the players of the 80´ and 90´ where more skilled than players today. But this doesn´t mean that they were better, beacause this game, like any other sport, have an hsitoric development that affect the kind of players the emerge from one generation to another. That´s why stats are a stupid thing to make comparison. At last, you can say that MJ was the most dominant player of his time and that Lebron is the most nowadays, and, that in comparison, MJ was more dominant to his time that Lebron to his (and that MJ didn´t team up with Barkley and OLajuwon to win a title)

    • James soften sucks says:

      are you this butthurt that you have to post this everywhere? youre probly the same dude that does it on bleacherreport whose username is james harden. stop hating on mj every chance you get dude no one cares and its just pathetic. mj is one of the greatest to ever play the game and no amount of your salty trash talking about him will make a difference.

    • bopolka says:

      1) Yup, because there isn’t much 3-ball back then. Most of the shots are inside the paint and effective perimeter shots. Unlike today, a lot of jumpers and threes are being taken.

      2) Yup, more FTs, because in the 48-minute grind, its all physical. Unlike today that you only have certain “defensive specialists” and “dirty players”. Back then, almost everyone play a very physical game. There are a lot of non-calls despite of the physicality. And again, players today opt to shoot 3’s and jumpers rather than take it to the hoop.

      3) That’s because when you are a great leader, your team mates would get better, and that would show after you leave. But still, the Bulls cannot get past the East Semis w/o MJ. When he got back, 3 rings. Big difference. As for LBJ, he really needed two other franchise players whom he didn’t need to develop with his “leadership”. Comparing LBJ and MJ as leader isn’t even an argument.

      4) Yup, very weak teams by the 80’s standard. But if you create a league between the non-playoff teams in the 80s-90s against the non-playoff teams today, you’d know who’d be better.

      5) Again, please do remember that all the players you’ve mentioned (except for Rodman and Kukoc) are drafted players or are still young and raw when they came to Chicago. Even Phil Jackson didn’t have a ring back then. Its really stupid to say MJ needed these guys to win, the fact remains that EVERYONE in this team developed along together. Whiner Kobe and LBJ got superstar team mates when they are already superstars. Its also good for you to point out that this team w/o MJ only reached the playoffs W?O ANY RINGS.

      6) The triangle offense is definitely not an isolation game… and so is the pick and roll and other old-school schemes. Obviously, you haven’t been there during these times, and you haven’t played any pick-up games where “handchecking” wasn’t even yet a word.

      7) This point is moot, as MJ mostly scores inside, the perimeter and the FT line. Taking away 3’s from his score would only shave of 2-3 pts from his average. Imagine MJ playing today and there are no 3’s. Would he have dominated still? Of course.

      8) That’s what you call GROWING UP WITH YOUR TEAM. A CONCEPT FANS TODAY KNOW NOTHING OF. Thats what great players do… they have a team (even if its weak), develop themselves, their team mates and coaching staff… go through painful losses… but eventually win everything TOGETHER. The Spurs still do it today, but I guess you find them too boring huh? LBJ and Kobe whined to get their rings, there’s no denying that fact.

      Bro, you base all your arguments on google, youtube and wikipedia. You haven’t lived during those times, while we are still watching the game today. We know what we are talking about.

      • Rumbero says:

        Ive been saying everything you said for years. You hit every answer right on the money and are 100% correct. There is no comparison between Jordan and anybody of today’s game. As for James Soften, its obvious he has no clue of anything. He needs to start looking into basketball history big time. Seems he started watching BB when Lebron entered the league and knows no better. You need to forgive his lack of knowledge

  25. Look Close says:

    He isn’t wearing Jordans… Go figure?

  26. Donny says:


  27. vincent says:

    just ftr it looked like brady was a teammate?

  28. I M Da Law says:

    Jordan always has his fans… and it’s no surprised that he has a very young one here… and with some excellent ball handling skills… watch and enjoy


  29. POB says:

    What a waste to discuss the 80s, 90s 00s, it`s tough now, it was tougher then, bla bla bla…the fact is guys like Jordan, Pippen, Barkley, Hakeen, etc, if they were playing today, they would dominate again! These guys adapted their games to the circunstances that were presented.

    Magic played center in the finals, Bird defended the best opposing player and still managed to score, rains 3s and rebound, MJ torched defenses anchored on 7fts who had mobility and strong interior presence, Barkley was a smal PF who posted 20+ rebound games, Stockton and Malone was the best pick and roll duo ever…and the list goes on.

    Kids have to watch these guys on youtube…back then you could not hide behind a zone D…you had to really defend your guy! Go ask Dominique, who was a way better defender than Harden, but still is teased on his D by Bird today. You had handchecks, elbows, pushing, holding, all allowed to a certain extent. The game today is somewhat softer, but still hard to dominate.

  30. Mat says:

    As someone who grew up idolizing Michael Jordan (the basketball player, not the man), this is one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen. He’s actually trash talking after sinking a mediocre fadeaway on a nobody who’s barely playing any defense. And to make things worse, he calls an and one on a non-existent foul that’s not even close. Sad, just sad.

    It’s as pathetic as seeing a grown-up playing against a pre-schooler and talking trash.

    How anyone who knows the game can think – and write – that this video is awesome is beyond me.

    • dude says:

      chill out, he was just messing around..unbunch your panties bruh.

      • Mat says:

        if you think he’s just “messing around” then you you don’t know much about MJ…you might want to Google his HOF acceptance speech to get a glimpse of what he’s become (or maybe always was)…

  31. George says:

    Pippen led the Bulls to winning 2 less games than the year before, and many thought the Bulls wouldn’t even make the playoffs without MJ. That year they also came close to beating the Knicks who went to the finals. Kobe had some great teammates, and look what he did with them. Had Shaq been more motivated, the Lakers could’ve won 3-5 more just like had things been a little different in the 90s, MJ could’ve won a few more too. Kobe never had the luxury of having someone as consistent as Pippen though throughout a decade.