Blazers fan wears nightmare fuel Chris Kaman shirt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you were a fan of, say, Portland Trail Blazers center Chris Kaman, what are some of the ways you could show people that you were a Kaman fan? You could wear a Chris Kaman jersey, perhaps, or maybe you could get one of those t-shirts with Kaman’s name and number printed on the back.

Or you could do what this enterprising fan did last night for the Portland/Phoenix game, which is show up in a sweatshirt with Chris Kaman’s face blown up larger than life on both sides of the shirt. Imagine sitting somewhere near that fan at the game and never being able to avoid to gigantic glassy-eyed, soulless stare of Chris Kaman.


  1. George says:

    We georging it out

  2. Nznbafan says:

    That lady is the boss..
    It’s fan night and she is not in the cheap seats..
    It must be a dare..

  3. pokie says:

    That’s the actual size of Chris Kaman’s head.