Dwight Howard pays tribute to fan who passed away

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months back, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard picked up a young kid during pregame warmups and helped him dunk the ball. That was apparently just the start of a great friendship. That young fan, James Fisher, was battling cancer, and Howard bonded with the boy. Fisher passed away yesterday, and Dwight took to Instagram to say goodbye.


  1. Aryan Agrawal says:

    Why does everyone hate on Dwight?!?
    He’s a great guy.
    RIP James.

  2. jody collier ripjacka says:

    RIP James.. Houston is a pretty cool franchise if you ask me. That they were in san diego once makes it that much sweeter for a team I can get behind. Howard has my respect always has. Kinda like harden as mvp but its a coin flip with curry tho people like curry more cause he look like a lil kid tho the beard doesnt hurt harden cause everyone loves a good beard apparently…I do and im not even sure why..