President Obama hits game winner against Paul Pierce

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s not entirely clear what’s happening here, other than President Obama, several members of the Washington Wizards, and a bunch of kids are involved in some sort of shooting contest on a court at the White House. As the video starts, a bunch of people take shots and President Obama sinks his jumper. And then Obama goes over to Paul Pierce and makes sure he knows about it.

As John Wall said later…

(via CBS)


  1. chen says:

    Nice shoot,when can I play with Xidada in China?

  2. Marcus says:

    Damn that guy is cool!

  3. When you get beat by the President!

  4. Courtney says:

    Umm game winner?

  5. You know you should be ashamed of yourself if you’re a NBA player when the President hits game winners against you.

    • artifex says:

      well, it’s not that he beat PP in a one-on-one, he made a shot, which was some game winner? Not clear to me what the exact situation. Pierce not even contested the shot, as they all were taking open shots. Doesn’t seem that he outshot Pierce either. So no fuzz.
      Good shot by the prez, but we know that he plays himself. Would be more of a headline if it would be Mr Gauck (German prey) in front of Bellevue.
      I rather like the situation of politicians, sportsmen and kids coming together to have fun…

  6. Daris Ruiz says:

    Hes the M.V.P Most Valuable President

  7. thon says:

    most valuable pinoy noy noy kupal

  8. jty7271 says:

    That wasn’t a game winner. The real title of this blog post should be,
    “President Obama makes a shot from the corner of the free throw line during a shoot around with a bunch of kids”.

  9. Mike says:

    He shoots like Shawn Marion

  10. #1WarriorsFan says:

    Obama does love basketball,don’t care ’bout his release,just like me.