Russell Westbrook gives his All-Star MVP car to single mom

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When Russell Westbrook was named the MVP of the All-Star Game back in February, his prize was a new car, courtesy of Kia. Once he got back to Oklahoma City, Westbrook realized that he could put this car to better use. So, Westbrook got in touch with Oklahoma City’s Sunbeam Family Services and surprised Kerstin Gonzales, a 19-year-old mother of two, by giving her his new car.

I could write more about this but really, just watch this video. As unbelievable as Westbrook has been this season, this might be his best moment yet…

VIDEO: Westbrook car


  1. Fidele says:

    This is a very wonderful charitable act !! God bless you Russel Westbrook !! You are an inspiration for many people !!!

  2. Ty says:

    What an outstanding act of kindness! Continue to pay it forward, Russell. Maybe others will follow your selfless act.

  3. Sue Fraser says:

    What an amazing young woman. Kerstin, follow your dreams, stay strong, and enjoy the car. Russell, congrats, on your generosity and kindness to this young woman and her family. You have made a huge difference in the life of Kerstin. Not only are you one of the most talented players in the NBA, you have a social conscience. Those who have more, should give more to those who have less, though often that is not the case. You are blessed. You are one of my heros..

  4. emely says:

    Awww, no matter how Russel Westbrook acts in the court, hes a real sweetheart.
    This video brought a cute tear on my face seeing the moms reaction. These days you cant get anywhere without some sort of transportation. So nice of him to give to the ones who really need help.

  5. king says:

    that was so nice of Russell, I think he should win mvp!!!

  6. tayyb says:

    This goes to show that some people appreciate the communities that support them as professional athletes. Also shows that Russell Westbrook did not forget where he came from and is using his blessings to bless others. My vote for MVP on and off court goes out to Russell Westbrook. Total selfless act I hope more pro athletes and celebrities follow your lead. #THUNDERUP

  7. OKCfan123 says:

    There is no doubt about it, Russell is the the real MVP
    Hats off to you

  8. Kenloe says:

    I am so thankful to be able to say that i’ve watched Russell become a man here in OKC. At Russell’s age, I don’t think I could have handled the limelight as well as he does. It would have gone to my head and pride would have set in for me. His humbleness despite his greatness on the court and off is what impacts me the most. He has the heart of a soldier that words can’t describe. His acts of kindness through longsuffering is amazing! A true soldier against all odds!!!!!! Love you Westbrook. Keep keepin on and stay strong for the people through the gifts given to you.

  9. euroball says:

    that was the longest handshake ive ever seen

  10. Tesfai Abraham says:

    Russell, amazing. You are a great player with big heart. while other athletes are in court to spare their life for murder case, you are trying to help the underprivilaged make it through life.

  11. bigdave says:

    what a great player all around just know westbrook leave okc and come down 35 to the mavs any time….. dallas needs ppl u like u around

  12. tl says:

    great job russell!

  13. renzconzin says:

    I don’t think giving a person a fancy car is a smart idea especially if the person does not have enough money. Specifically, when a person wins a car they actually should think it through because they have to pay for the car insurance.

    • D Singh says:

      If you watched the video, he has also paid up one year of insurance and registration. Plenty of time for her to utilize this blessing and hopefully land herself a position to up keep, being that it has now made her more accessible to opportunities once outside her scope. Kudos Russ!

    • OKC says:

      You think a Kia is a fancy car? The insurance on that has to be dirt cheap. Also if she was really that bad off she could just sell the car… why knit pick such a kind act?

    • Wiejing says:

      Dude, registration insurance and everything else for the first year… what is your problem

    • MOnK3y says:

      But Russell says in the video that the first year is taken care of insurance-wise so it’s a win/win, she can even sell the car after one year if she feels that’s the right thing to do. Anyway, hats off to Russell Westbrook and the OKC organisation.

    • RyGuy says:

      Totally agree with you, but if you heard at the end, Westbrook also paid for the insurance and registration for a year.

    • Batto says:

      he covered insurance for a year. she can still sell the car and get money if needed.

      • C4 says:

        I think she would still have to pay taxes for it? I’m not sure, technically she didn’t do anything to get the car…forgot how tax laws worked out there

    • Heat4LYFE says:

      Way to kill the moment, JERK

    • andy says:

      New cars have cheaper insurance and as long as the title changes as a gift she doesnt have to pay taxes on it either.

  14. michael says:

    Russell Westbrook is just like KD. #givingbros

  15. AT5 says:

    Russel you the real MVP

  16. Andrew says:

    A 19-year old with 2 kids?

  17. Andrew says:

    irresponsible and getting a car. Nice gesture by Westbrook but this is not someone who needs it.

  18. LeggoHeat says:

    Well played.

  19. Diabolic says:

    Wow, this actually makes me start to kind of like Russell Westbrook. A very unselfish act right here!

  20. dejuan alfonzo says:

    The sad thing is these stories don’t make national news, but if he was drunk driving it would. We need more positive stories about athletes. ALL ARE NOT BAD!!!!! Great job Westbrook.

  21. psalmistbob says:

    Westbrook. Well done. May God bless you!!!

  22. NBAARON says:

    It’s moments like this that matter the most

  23. Me says:

    Someone is cutting an Onion

  24. Frank Foo says:

    That’s a MVP act! Most Valuable Person.

  25. Christine says:

    Great gesture, it really shows that Westbrook supports unprotected sex.

  26. Tim Timbo says:

    Mr. Westbrook has been my favorite player to watch in the NBA and this validates how good of a man he is on and off the court. Well done sir, well done!

  27. Dakir says:

    I’ll never say anything bad about him again..

  28. TG says:

    I definitely love what Russ is doing and I really admire him as a hero both inside and outside the basketball court.

    But I think most of the folks agree that being a single mom with two kids at an age of 19 is NOT something that needs a lot of ‘sympathy’.

    Girls should love themselves and avoid getting into similar situation at such a young age. This is not good for themselves and their children too.

    I am not sure if Russ’ kindness would indirectly ‘encourages’ this kind of behavior. I hope not.

  29. sloan says:

    Kind Heart of true MVP

  30. Agudo says:

    Awwww how sweet Russell.

  31. Rolas Correia says:

    Well done Russell. You’re the real MVP inside and outside the court…

  32. michael says:

    you’re famous in China Russ!!!

  33. Dew says:

    Very inspiring move by Westbrook. Hope this transpires not only across the NBA, but to everyone capable of helping those who need it. Best of wishes to the lady and her family.

  34. Bryan Diaz says:

    It’s better to give than to receive. I hope not just because of this, but i personally believe he deserves MVP/ i hope he gets it. Either way, what a blessing to be able to be a blessing to others. God is good all the time. Even when we think he’s not.

  35. Kem says:

    Great job westbrook

  36. mario says:

    whats so special ?
    a millionnaire donating a car he won ?????

    • mack says:

      def agree, first he wins a car that he didnt even pay for then gives it away, cause no real millionaire would want to drive a kia in the first place. so actually shes doing him the favor and getting the car out of his driveway so he can purchase his bentley lol. tell me when he actually does a selfless act. happy for the girl though

  37. Junior says:

    Russell You are a very good and humble person and what you did to this single mother is very remarkable.

  38. Davro83 says:

    It’s great he has done this, but I expect every nba player who has won a car has given it away. They are millionaires. Why would they want to drive around in a KIA? I wouldnt expect anything less than giving it away if i’m honest.

  39. That was a blessing.😊

  40. ken from toronto says:

    This is inspiring from such a young player as West Brook. He is a great player and person. He is proving us all wrong by doing this and I believe a lot of these players and athletes do a lot on a daily base we the public sometimes never see or hear about. Just pure joy for this young lady, she is blessed and he touch us all. Good job.

  41. joseph says:

    nice russel more blessing to come….

  42. mike says:

    way to go russell. hope other nba players will follow your good deed. may god bless you.

  43. ShortyStump says:

    And here lies the problem of allowing people to freely comment on things on the internet. Too many ignorant comments. For the negative comments above…Do you KNOW the story of the young lady who received the car? Sure, having children at 19 doesn’t sound like a smart idea, but you don’t know her story! How quick to judge! And for someone to say that a 19 year old with two kids isn’t someone who “deserves” it, well, it’s just ridiculous. Maybe receiving this car will help change her life around! Did you even hear that she needs it to drive to college? Going to college while parenting two kids? That’s pretty dang admirable. Judging by your comments, you either didn’t have an ideal education yourself, or you’re 13 years old. In other words, just keep your comments to yourself. And Russ, you’re a fierce competitor, which many people confuse with your personality off the court. I’ve always been able to tell by your post game interviews that you’re an alright guy. This only validates that!

  44. Andre says:

    Wow, I have so much respect for Russell Westbrook.

  45. Erlo says:

    I really dislike Westbrook as a basketball player. But man, what a solid dude off the court. Props to Westbrook for being such a great person.

  46. Sharon Donaldson says:

    God Bless you Russell Westbrook you are a wonderful person and you are having an amazing year on the court!

  47. Nick Boulse says:

    Mr Westbrook is an amazing individual. It was incredible he gave the car to that mother of two..God bless you and your family sir.

  48. Mindy Rogers says:

    that was very kind of the NBA ALL STAR!!

    if there is any way I could PLEASE get some help I woud GREATLY APPRECIATE IT & so would my 4 kids.
    3 of them lost their dad to a brutal murder in May 2007

  49. Ivan says:

    Hands down to u Russel. U r an outstanding guy with a big heart. Sometimes people like that girl need a great kind of kindness to believe and start turning things around in there lives.

  50. El Chicho says:

    Plot twist Russ wants to be the new father

  51. nixguy says:

    shortystump said it best keep your negative comments to yourself it doesnt matter how he got it or how much money he makes anybody would accept even a kia from an nba allstar he probably helped her life out a ton

  52. nixguy says:

    you know what it is? i think its jealousy thats why people find a negative outlook on any good deed

  53. Bernard Robinson says:

    Awww man Russell man u r DA best not only an MVP of the league but truly an MVP in reality I salute you bruh !!!!!

  54. Christopher says:

    For a man who makes over $16 million per year, do you think he would be caught dead driving a common person’s Kia? Dude probably has more Lambos and Ferrari’s than you could shake a stick at. Nice story, nonetheless.

  55. Christopher says:

    For a man who earns more than $!6 million per year, do you think he would be caught dead driving a common person’s Kia? Dude probably has more Lambo’s and Ferrari’s in his garage than you could shake a stick at. A nice story. nonetheless.

  56. Joyce Blakey says:

    Awesome. I didn’t know you until I seen the video. Just keep on giving as God gives to you. As he orders your steps will your light so shine before men. God Bless you and your family. Best wishes in the NBA League.

  57. blazermaniac23 says:

    Beautiful story. Russell is like, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll get another one next year.”

  58. Utah Jazz Fan says:

    Whether or not this guy wins the NBA MVP, he wins the good samaritan MVP in my book.

  59. Paapa says:

    Russ, you’re extremely popular in Ghana.
    Great act of kindness from you.
    MVP! MVP!! MVP!!!

  60. pinky qualls says:

    I pray one day that I could be bless with a car I’m a single mother that can’t stand up for to long at the bus but I want to finish my GED

  61. Hamed Mohamed says:

    You was doin’ right thing you’re truly MVP keep it up and may Allah blessd you

  62. Carl Damus says:


  63. Oscar says:

    If you cannot contribute a kind thought, why not keep your nasty, petty comments to yourself. It sounds

  64. Gazetta says:

    Great act of kindness regardless of who you are because some would sell it so for you to donate to this young lady is truly a blessing. May God continue to shine his light on you, and I do hope others that can help really help their fallen brothers and sisters will do so.

  65. Caitlin says:

    Chivalry and kindness is not dead for those in true need. May we all be so kind; then, what a world we would live upon! Thanks Russell, for the example.

  66. 741 says:

    Russel blessed Kerstin with a car, that’s big. You know what’s bigger? He blesses the NBA fans all over the world with this example in real life. Everytime this story will be told, people will remember you, Russell Westbrook. Whichever team you might be in the future, I salute you, 0.

  67. jermaine_thu says:

    nice man. i know that he is like that and would do the same without cameras or tweets relaying the thing in public.
    when you have the power to change things and make someone happy, do it. that’s my boy

  68. Ker says:

    Good job Russel

  69. helveyn says:

    i ddnt expect that diz guy russel has a kind heart,man!!!….keep doin doin the ryt thing ol d tym….:-)

  70. OKC says:

    I can’t believe all the weirdly conservative jerks on here. People saying Russell is supporting unprotected sex and saying because this girl is 19 and has 2 kids she is not worth helping. What kind of trickle down bush loving junk are you eating? People who are young make mistakes, you weren’t perfect at 18 and 19, and you likely had much more opportunity than this young girl. It blows my mind how hateful people can be when they see someone struggling, as if they knew what this person went through. Whats most upsetting is a lot of the people who say this crap have had a silver spoon in their mouth their whole lives and then talk crap on these people who didn’t have half the opportunity or guidance they had. Russell Westbrook as well as most NBA players (other than the joke that is Spencer Hawes, the only outspoken conservative in all of basketball) would be disappointed in you.

    • OKC says:

      Everyone who is talking crap, go ahead and list here all the charitable activities you take part in as well as list the hours you volunteer…. OH WAIT you just make the world a better play by talking mess on the internet lol.

  71. Zocom7 says:

    I haven’t seen anything like this from a NBA player in a long time, giving away something valuable to a person who really deserves something. A very good charitable effort by Russell.

  72. JerryS says:

    Wonderful act of kindness Russ! May all your 3’s go in.
    Thunder Fan From Montana

  73. Stephen says:

    I’m not a Thunder fan but RESPECT to you Mr Westbrook.


    • kai says:

      Stupid is as stupid does.
      Russ gave away his possession.
      You gave nothing but an ignorant comment built from your own “stupid” thoughts.
      Russ looks good and you look bad.
      Really, who or what is stupid here?
      I don’t need to answer that. I’m sure you and everyone else will.