James Harden and Gregg Popovich compare beards

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Houston Rockets played the San Antonio Spurs last night in a game between Western Conference teams with title aspirations. The Spurs won, 110-98, but that didn’t stop James Harden and Gregg Popovich, two hirsute men, from taking a moment to compare not their respective postseason fortunes but instead, their beards.


  1. GeorgeP1PR says:

    Much Respect for POPOVICH !!! GO SPURS GO!! Race for 5 + 1 = SEIS!!!!

  2. jermaine_thu says:

    cool. for all the haters, it’s real hard competition, not hate.
    i hope the spurs will get another ring

  3. Heat fan says:

    Much respect for coach pop one the greatest coach and person.

  4. Tim says:

    Jedi mind trick

  5. O.K.uC Now (OKC) says:

    Pop’s beard looks nothing like Harden’s. Its full and all but Harden’s beard looks ALIVE!!!!!!!

  6. Raptor4Life says:

    James Harden wins the MVB Award – Most Voracious Beard.
    Coach Pop wins the Championship.
    Steph Curry wins the MVP.
    James Harden proclaims to the world (again): “But I am the best player in the WORLD”.
    James Harden is unable to explain how he loses in the 1st round of the playoffs (again).
    James Harden accepts endorsement from Gillette and shaves beard, claiming the beard “weighed too much, it was holding me back, and it may have cost me the Championship. But I am still the best player in the WORLD!”.

  7. Harden is a great player but he is not in the same league with Kobe, Lebron and KD, he is not as dominating . Sure is he has grown to his full potential now…. if he was still in OKC with KD and Westbrook they would win rings back to back but he wants to win it alone……

    • KLEMMELO says:

      He didn’t choose to leave OKC…

      • ab says:

        He actually did choose to leave. If my memory is correct, money differential for several years contract was in range between 3-5 millions, which is not much considering that he would recieve, for example, 64 instead of 60 in okc for same period of time. I dont think it was money for James, more it was his role – OKC offered him to be 3rd option to attack, Houston – 1st. Also Houston gave him oportunity to become a real superstar, which he couldnt be in OKC, because two guys would always be in front…

  8. manikreigun says:

    Harden’s beard softened upon seeing Pop’s

  9. Luke says:

    Joey looks like he’s just dying to give someone a T

  10. i wonder started the conversation?

  11. percival davis says:

    I love looking at nba…

  12. dlo says:

    Kawhi’s like “Pop’s MY father…”

  13. #1WarriorsFan says:

    Dunno how this was a Shaqtin’ A Fool play.It ain’t funny,but it makes sense that a great player and a great coach are comparing there lucky beards.I’d say Harden has the better beard.

  14. mÁRIO says:

    I love looking at nba…