Bucks unveil new logos for 2015-16 season

NBA.com staff reports

The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled their new logos for the 2015-16 season, which will feature their new colors: green, cream and blue.

What do you think of the new look? Leave your comments below!


  1. mackie says:


  2. Less says:

    They look like an organic beer and jerky company that for some odd reason only operates during deer season.

  3. #1WarriorsFan says:

    Wow,that’s a really good logo.Much more improved and modern.

  4. joshua zambrano says:

    NIce, bringing back the old school lol.

  5. NBAARON says:

    already looking toward next season.

  6. Buckannear says:

    Hate the logo with the basketball, but the others are good. I love the old school feel of the Wisconsin map . That’s cool.

  7. stueyb83 says:

    The Buck logo is kind of neat, but sad to see the red/puple dropped form the teams colorways. And that font style is going to go out of fashion pretty quick.

  8. Meynard says:

    All 3 logos are awesome. The color scheme fits the team so well, especially that cream. Can’t wait for the uniform unveiling. I’m from Toronto, I have to admit, I’m jealous of the Bucks new logos, the Raptors new logos are really lacking.

  9. Bizzy773 says:

    Another example of Doing Too Much. I liked the orginal logo/colors and “Fear the Deer” campaign. I understand that they want to increase revenue for merchandise sales now that they are winning/relevant again. But that ish gunna be played out if they start stinking again.

  10. noah says:

    i like it but ill miss the old one

  11. adam silver says:

    each logo is dope, good colors too. how could anyone like the old green and purple garbage… your opinion doesn’t matter cuz u have whack taste… new look good… old look bad…done

  12. Steve says:

    Not completely hating or loving the logos. I wanna see the new uniforms before I decide,

  13. Monte says:

    I like all three!!! Way to be creative, Milwaukee Bucks!!!

  14. Jon says:

    They’re now the Star Bucks!

  15. skunk says:

    the new logo is nice, loving how the inner antlers are a basketball, but would have loved to see the old colour scheme sat. that forest green/vermillion was a great look.

  16. this looks pretty cool, but are they sure that they own the future. 🙂 😉

  17. Yasar says:

    I’m a graphic designer, and i can absolutely say: this is a huge fail! , used typo is extremely ugly, the second logo looks like the new raptors logo which is also ugly. easiest way to make a logo, circle, a basketball and the team name, Phew !

    .I don’t want even to talk about the 3rd one…..

    • Giannis says:

      Love all 3 and need t-shirts NOW! Anyone who doesn’t like the font choice just doesn’t get it. It looks like old school Johnny Mac/ Big O style jersey fonts, and completely ties the old into the new.

  18. Milwaukee Starbucks?

  19. Mauro Frigino says:

    The first one looks like… Milwaukee Starbucks……:-( !!!!!!

  20. Alvin says:

    look like Star Bucks.

  21. The Benjamin says:

    The Great Lake Blue borders Wisconsin where the state has shoreline. The Bucks need more radio coverage farther north to truely represent the state.

  22. Benny D says:

    Super fresh. The team is heading into a great era, and they’re going to look good doing it.

  23. simplex says:

    Jägermeister Bucks

  24. john says:

    I like the first one, but I think red should be in the logo.

  25. Bill says:

    I like Bucks because I always like to support weak team, or the team no one talks about. I still remember my childhood idol – Sidney Moncrief. Go Bucks Go. As a graphic designer, I think the logo is ok. The buck looks a bit like Andrew Wiggins 😛 Maybe we need him to be in the bucks. hahaha!

  26. Carlos says:

    NIIICE!!! I can see the shapes of the basketball in the Bucks horns there appears to be a small one and a large one

  27. The Bucks should be more concerned about bringing in more good players than a new logo.

  28. Gigantor says:

    It’s the deer in headlights look! LOL

  29. Rob says:

    I like the one with the Buck the most, like the second one, less so the state one. The thing I’m not sure about all round is the cream, it isn’t a strong color, maybe should have stuck with red instead. It will be interesting to see what the new uniforms look like.

  30. Zocom7 says:

    Too bad the team’s name of Milwaukee isn’t StarBucks, if only I wish StarBucks Coffee had an animal mascot.

  31. dustydreamnz says:

    Like the top one.

  32. OKC says:

    I like it more than the old christmas colors, but we will have to wait and see with the jerseys. I’m afraid with those colors it might end up looking like the celtics weird alternate that looks like a football jersey @_@.

  33. Joshua Stone says:

    All look good. Good job, Bucks.

  34. Joshua Stone says:

    Looks great. Well done, Bucks.

  35. rickycubane says:

    The team is going to be good.. And get better.. Lots of young talent

  36. mike jordan says:

    it shows more of the basketball and modern side

  37. MrNBA says:

    They copied the Mavs logo with the hidden ‘M’