Rockets mascot gives Spurs fan cake in the face

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the NBA season winding down and several playoff matchups still to be determined, tensions are running high. So perhaps we can forgive Houston Rockets mascot Clutch, who saw a Spurs fan at a Rockets game and greeted him in a less-than-friendly way. Oh sure, it was probably just a “mistake,” that Clutch just happened to fall into a Spurs fan while he was carrying a cake. But he did hit the man square in the face…

(via FTW)


  1. GoMavs says:


  2. louie says:

    LOL, that was funny but it was just part of the show. That guy came out later in the game with his rockets gear on high fiving the crowd around him….

    I do remember the SPURS won and kicked Houstons azz all the way back to 5th place LOL, (now that is really funny!)

  3. #1WarriorsFan says:

    Man that was a cheap shot,CLEARLY he intended to hit the man with the Spurs jersey because he was a Spurs fan,not a Rocket fan.

  4. pokie says:

    If only it had been Sean Elliot.

  5. Sim Bhullar says:

    The Spurs will avenge their fan in the playoffs.

  6. Yeah Right says:

    This has got to be staged. The mascot didn’t just throw the cake, his arm followed through and knocked the “Spurs fan” off his seat. What if the fan’s head hit the floor or arm got injured breaking the fall? Not to mention, the “custom jersey” could have been stained, which is pretty much clothing vandalism. No way the Rockets organization would risk personal injury and/or property damage lawsuits.

  7. all baller says:

    thats tooooooooooo funny had to watch it like 10 times!!!!!!!!!!!!