Wild t-shirt cannon delays Clippers game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A big part of the NBA in-game experience is during timeouts, when fans are treated to occasional giveaways. T-shirts are a common gift, fired into the upper decks through high-velocity cannons. But during the Clippers/Grizzlies game this weekend, a t-shirt cannon with bad aim ended up bringing the actual game to a halt.

The cannon fired a shirt that somehow ended up stuck on the upper corner of the backboard. Now, the very, very best part of this incident is not the shirt getting stuck or Spencer Hawes remedying the situation with a broom. No, the best part is Glen “Big Baby” Davis attempting to jump up and grab the shirt. I saw Big Baby in person a few weeks ago and was reminded of what a massive man he is. And while that size translates well to banging around with other big man, it apparently doesn’t help so much when you’re trying to retrieve a shirt that’s about 13 feet in the air.

Good job, good effort, though.

(via SBNation)


  1. #1WarriorsFan says:

    Never saw such a thing happen in my life,during a live game.#T-Shirt BACKBOARD Wedgie

  2. Buckannear says:

    Ba ha ha, as if Big Baby Davis was ever getting up there!

  3. Sim Bhullar says:

    What the hell was Big baby Davis Thinking? He can hardly touch the ring.

  4. Shaq says:


  5. notmyname says:

    Haha, see that coach on the top right. Looks like he’s screaming “Foul him, foul him!”