Kobe has some words for Westbrook’s haters

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERRussell Westbrook has been playing out of his mind the last few weeks, single-handedly keeping the Oklahoma City Thunder’s playoff hopes alive. His most recent big game came Sunday against the Pacers, when Westbrook finished with 54 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Westbrook scored that 54 points on 43 field goal attempts, although he did make almost half of his shots (he finished 21-43). So while that 54-9-8 line looks great, some people pointed out that maybe Westbrook took too many shots.

But maybe we should listen to someone who understands not only volume shooting but also deflecting criticism: Kobe Bryant


  1. Shaq says:

    You forgot one important stat my friend, Kobe! The Thunder lost that night. It’s not about personal stats, B-ball is a team sport. Carmello has put up great stats his whole career, but he doesn’t win much!

    • Kaan says:

      Yes, you are right. Next game everything went back to normal (at least another player – Kanter ) had a dbl digit scoring and they won. Even the greatest MJ could not win without help and team work!!!!

    • No Regrets says:

      Yes, and another point is that, unlike Carmelo, Russ is their PG. The turnovers and the ballhogging ruin OKC’s offense, including Durant’s, when he’s playing.

  2. Luiz says:

    If he’s shooting 49% of the FG’s i would’nt mind if he tried 86 FG.

  3. #noHashtags says:

    Yeah well there’s always that one time when he dropped 81 in a game (and won) where they would’ve been spanked without it. Pick your point(s) of nba history to recant mine, we can do this all day :). I agree with and believe in teamwork, but there is never the same team flow 2 years straight. All the back-to-backs and threepeats had dynamic champion talent the rosters through usually three or less players, not 5-13.

    • lol you couldn’t be more wrong

      yeah kobe’s play carried for that win. and westbrook almost carried his team against the pacers (btw i watched that game, his team was bad and couldn’t do anything right on offense. I blame the coach for that loss.)

      BUT solo players can only carry teams for a couple of impressive wins; after that you need a team to be good enough for a championship

      yeah you can have 3 stars, but you need 5-13 to at least be good.

  4. Exiled says:

    Ball hog legend praising WB, not surprised

  5. NBAARON says:

    what is the point of the stats, if you can’t make it to the playoffs.

  6. dave says:

    he clearly trying to recruit

  7. kris says:

    Media and the reporters are a bunch of beloney.they just want to keep their TRP’s right with all their B.S.

  8. He was never that great says:

    Kobe jealously trying to stay relevant as always. 49% shooting would be a great night for Kobe at any rate.

  9. jermaine_thu says:

    43 fga’s is a nonsense when you put in ONLY an half.
    when durant or thomson will take 43 shots, they will finish with 75 points ant they will actually win the game.
    you’re welcome

  10. Troller says:

    Kobe is just jealous that WR got more shots than he did.

    RW adds 6 points per 100 possession when hes on the court. Curry adds 18, uhmmm and thats why GSW is in the playoffs and Seattle is not. Oh Im sorry, OKC… I can’t get used that stupid name.

  11. SIM BHULLAR says:

    To the point Kobe.

  12. Cem says:

    Haha, guys he is now the best player in the nba. Even Curry & Harden arent better. How can you average triple-double stats for 1-2 weeks? The last time someone did this, it was Oscar Roberton years ago. Now the NBA is so competitive and things changed, so it is nearly impossible to post these numbers today. But he did it, and he is now in a different level.

    If he had some teammates like Draymond Green, Bogut, David Lee, Klay Thompson, OKC would be easily win more games and take 3th or 4th spot in the West. But all he has is a new Enes Kanter for a month, Dion Waiters who is the biggest shot misser, Steven Adams who has no offense. Thats all! Morrow? Robertson? Mitch McGeary? C’mon guys, we are talking about West! He still holds OKC in the playoff race with this team!

    Give this guy the credit he deserves. He deserves a lot.

  13. B Dubb says:

    Look, its one thing that no one mentions. Kobe is a SHOOTING gaurd. Westbrook is a POINT gaurd. A POINT gaurds’ job is to get his team involved and impacting the game. Westbrook is a black hole. Period.

  14. LEPO LEPO says:

    Kobe who?

  15. Missed one says:

    I understand totally that Westbrook was doing everything possible to get the Thunder in the playoffs. He has to have trust and patience in the other 4 players and get them involved. He and KD will not co-exist if this type of selfishness is continued. Look for KD to wind up in Charlotte or Miami. Other trades in the off season include: Cousins or B. Lopez to Milwaukee, Aldridge to the Lakers, and Garnett to be player-coach in Minnesota.