Shaqtin’ A Fool: Volume 4, Episode 23

VIDEO: Shaqtin’ a Fool runs through the worst of the season

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  1. johnny says:

    I honestly don’t get what’s so funny about the Randy Foye one, I mean, ya sure, it’s kinda silly, but its not like downright hilarious like Otto is

  2. Grub City says:

    Otto Porter is definitely he worst/funniest play of the year.

  3. Grub City says:


  4. daniel says:

    Uncalled travelling…. that`s shaqtin NBA.. Thanks to all of NBA for all the inspiration – for basketball as we know and love it, but seriously.. the travelling has been a problem in the NBA since the days of MJ and longer. Respect to Shaq(and the rest)for the Shaqtin` segment that can prove to be both entertaining and instrumental for awareness about serious matters for the whole NBA.

  5. mefiu says:

    I’d love to see Westbrook not receiving high five.

  6. Murat Temur says:

    otto porter !!!!!!!!!!! and referees

  7. bj says:


    spacetravel, icing on the moon

    however Foye this seasons champ

  8. SIM BHULLAR says:


  9. bas says:

    I really don’t understand the “uncalled travel”. I mean, how is it possible, in a league with the best players in the world, refs that make amounts of money i will never do. How can you not call these travels.
    I am from the netherlands, a very small country even in basketball. But if onlt slide my pivot foot a little bit i get called with travel. Making 6 steps???? and no call???? unbelieveble.

    • No Regrets says:

      Well, there is this reasoning I guess to not stop the game when there is no pressure from the defense or dubious advantage for the player but this, quite frankly, is ridiculous. I think the guys are doing well to point it out.

  10. conejo says:

    Otto and Randy Foye are definitely the best all season and even all time (maybe except JAVALE), but what I miss here is brilliant defensive play by James Harden. He deserved the top5 of this season.

  11. Paul says:

    The Foye one is funny because he flat out ran out of energy and prayed his coach was going to call a timeout. He was exhausted, that Denver altitude is no joke. lol

  12. Andre says:

    One of the problems with uncalled travelling is that it gets frequent highlights on NBA top plays.

  13. Juiselo says:

    veri gyyyd trvels i laiked 
    kendrick pls

  14. colby says:

    come on corey brewer you can’t be traveling like that now that your playing with the rockets

  15. jermaine_thu says:

    travels, goaltendings. worst of the worst, especially when they have the “decence” to puth them in the highlights, top tens.

  16. José Pintor says:

    Ver “Pau Gasol put Lebron James in spin cycle” en YouTube –

  17. jc says:

    Brewer travel was not a travel. after he takes control of the ball he takes his 1 2 step.

  18. brianhacker says:

    I can’t believe that Faried trying to throw himself the lob off the backboard didn’t make the Shaqtin’ finals. That was the craziest one I saw this season.

  19. brianhacker says:

    I can’t believe that Faried trying to throw himself the lob off the backboard didn’t make the Shaqtin’ finals. That was the best one I saw all year.

  20. LEPO LEPO says:

    This is why the NBA has become a joke compared to any other country’s basketball.
    At least we know how to play the game properly. 9 step travels LMAO
    I used to love this competition. It just turned into a clown-show now.
    Hell, they still don’t punish flopping .. (No, I don’t see a 5,000$ fine as a punishment for multi-millionaires.)
    In a few years time, NBA will be in the same state like Spanish football. Full of divas that fall down whenever you touch them. But I’m sure of it that you ‘Muricans will stick to it that you are the “best” basketball country in the world.
    Pathetic. I hope the upcoming play-offs will prove me wrong.

  21. GameTester says:

    OttoPilot WINS 😀

  22. alofthemgood says:

    has to be the uncalled travels.
    9 steps without a single dribble

  23. Zocom7 says:

    The funniest parts of this season’s Shaqtin A Fool had been mostly missed defensive plays and uncalled traveling plays.

  24. DjMamba says:

    I think Kendrick taking 9 steps is the worst of the year!! Ottos is definitely top 3.

  25. Nate says:

    Corey brewer’s was a travel but not 6 steps… He doesn’t even have position of the ball on the first 2 counts.

  26. OKC says:

    What about Brandon Knight missing the game winning layup? That was brutal. Another great year of Shaq’tin.

    It was really fun to see Perk on Shaq’tin for a different team lol.

  27. Gabriele says:

    Oh shaq you really know how to have fun ;D BEST!!

  28. Jeana says:

    I miss JaVale!!

  29. keduBMW says:

    Really difficult choice between Otto, Foye, and Uncalled Travels. I think the commentary and jesting by the host panel adds extra entertainment value. For example, the original Shaqtin’ of Otto’s mishap was hilarious particularly when I heard Ernie’s laughter among other comments. The tone of the commentary this time was still funny but not like the first time I saw this. In addition, Kendrick’s travel was funnier this time when Kenny Smith did the “cha cha” rendition. Foye’s foil, a recent mishap was as funny this time (with Charles and Kenny) as when co-hosts Isaiah and Tracy McGrady added their comments during the original airing. Great work, Shaq and editing crew!!!

  30. jeff says:

    If we want to do steps check out 50 % of all fast break dunks, I reckon half of them are 3-4 steps.

  31. 1grumpycat says:

    I still like Iggy’s travel dance after Conley’s uncalled travel. I am still disappointed that Chris Paul jumping up and down trying to get DeAndre Jordan to shoot the ball in the Portland game never made Shaqtin’.

  32. kelvin says:

    jevale mcgee is still the shaqtin G.O.A.T!!!

  33. dzej says:

    uncalled travels, lance thomas? anyone? definitely the worst not called play

  34. Fons says:

    NBA refs are the worst in calling a traveling voilation. I mean, all you have to do is count steps!!

  35. Sharrod jones says:


  36. janel says:

    I think the best one is SHAQ being paid to Play and missing foul shots.

  37. josh says:

    shout out who made it playoffs! #TheFire

  38. soulchorea says:

    yo that Charlie Murphy thing is from like 48 years ago wth