Stephen Curry made 77 consecutive 3-pointers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One thing about the NBA that gets overlooked is that almost every NBA player is a really good shooter. Even guys who don’t score a lot of points in games are generally great shooters when wide open and left alone. Go early to an NBA game and watch the players shoot around in warm ups, and you’ll see guys sink more shots than they miss.

That said, the best shooter in the NBA is probably Golden State’s Stephen Curry, who basically went crazy in practice yesterday. During a shooting drill when he took ten jumpers from ten spots around the three-point line, Curry sank 77 consecutive threes, and finished by making 94 out of 100. The Warriors also posted a short video of Curry doing work. Stand back…


  1. Dave says:

    I remember when Dell Curry used to play for the Raptors, and he had Steph Curry and I think his other son too shooting three-pointers during pregame warm-ups. They were probably both in their very early teens. Guess all the years practice and dedication makes near perfect.

  2. Cesar Granados says:

    The hell do i care about what he does in practice. I care that he is not the MVP but ESPN and NBA writers keep pushing the Curry propaganda. By the way NBA media MVP stands for Most Valuable Player.

  3. Brosis says:

    i am about to puke with E!SPN and NBA shamelessly trying to push Curry for MVP.

  4. shizzel says:

    dude he’s a beast. he’s going to win it.

  5. shizzel says:

    where do you think they would be without him?!! you both dont know what your talking about!

  6. sooby says:

    Why would it be such a travesty if Curry is MVP?

  7. Shakalaka says:

    He is just gonna be a legend and if you dont believe me, than just watch.

  8. tim timbo says:

    ya hes a good shooter and ball handle. MVP is a joke though.

    1. Lebron ( I never liked him until he went back to clev)
    2. Westbrook
    3. Harden
    4. Curry

    • Gilbert says:

      I agree Lebron is the MVP but how can you have Westbrook at number 2? Stats give you a good idea but they are not everything, Westbrook is the kind of guy who will on any given night take 35 shots and make 12 of them, then when asked about it, he will say he doesn’t care. As for liking Lebron AFTER he went back to Cleveland, you do realize he went back to a team full of number 1 overall draft picks and next thing you know he had two max contract players playing alongside him LOL

      • Mike says:

        They went from the finals to not even a playoff team for years when he went to Miami which he led Miami to two ships and consecutive final appearances and until Lebron came back to Cleveland they haven’t even made the playoffs but now they are a top three team while love is sucking and of course they started off bad exactly like wen he went to Miami then look… Exactly where lbj is there in championship

    • Brandon says:

      LeBron would be the MVP if he would’ve tried hard all season, but he didn’t. He took 2 weeks off. He’s taken a handful of games off since then. He shouldn’t be rewarded for that.

      His Point Guard broke HIS franchise record for points in a game this season (which LeBron will NEVER get back)

      He hasn’t been able to gel Kevin Love the way he would like

      The Cavs weren’t even that good before they traded for JR, Iman and Timofey… SOOOOO I don’t understand why LEBRON is so Valuable (looks like his help was more valuable)

      PLUS… IF the Cavs were in the Western Conference, with that record, they would be in a laughable 7th. Not trying to hear it.

      • artifex says:

        well, it’s not that he could say ‘ouh, I just gonna take a couple of days off’ if he doesn’t play.
        If like yesterday he doesn’t play it’s a DNP-CD, which stands for COACHES decision.

        I agree on Kevin Love. I wonder if they’d have better gone with keeping Wiggins…

        But even for a LeBron it take some time to get into the team, te situation. Even the Heat had a 8-9 start in 2010, went on to 4 straight finals.

        Valuable in terms of having an influence on the team standings you can look at win shares.
        Harden has 16.2 ahead of CP3 and Curry, though Curry leads in WS per 48 min.
        Maybe that MVP title should be taken from such statistics like scoring title, so all this sicussion can have an end…

    • Matt brown says:

      1 curry
      2 harden
      3 lebron

  9. Suriken says:

    MVP should be awarded not earlier than both conferences finals are over. Kawhi for DPOY!

    • artifex says:

      It’s the regular season awards which are given for regular season efforts.
      If it’s delayed, the PO work would falsen the view on that.

  10. Paul says:

    77 straight 3 pointers?! Damn! Guess all those years of practice made him an absolute 3 point Beast. Goes to show that practice really does make perfect. Can’t say that I remember him or Seth shooting with their pops in pre-game warm ups 20 years ago. Mainly because I don’t pay attention to pre game warm ups unless someone’s doing something spectacular. And besides, I didn’t know who either of them were back then. I knew who Steph was when he was carrying Davidson through the NCAA tournament 7 years ago, knocking down 3s like they were free throws and showing off the Davidson logo on his jersey like it was his school that did that (a move Kobe bit off, as he does). I thought he’d be something special in the NBA then, but MVP? No. And I still don’t. I’m not a hater either, I love Steph’s game, always have. He’s my second favorite player to CP3 too. But I am so very impressed by James Harden continuously carrying Houston to W after W, against great teams too, that I believe that if anyone but him gets the MVP, it would be a mistake (but if Steph gets it it won’t be a huge mistake). Though I see what Steph is doing and his team will probably be more successful than Houston. But that still doesn’t make him more valuable to his team than Harden. Harden by a hair.

  11. Paul says:

    Harden by a beard hair 😊

    • Mr Williams says:

      I agree I think harden did more with less look at his numbers he barely had Dwight to b honest I’m a rockets and I cant name anyone else on that team besides harden and Dwight I think its harden by a slight margin I have curry 3rd behind and westbrook.Klay Thompson helps him stretch the floor ALOT

  12. Matthew says:

    You have to be joking that ESPN has been pushing Curry as the MVP. All I ever hear is “Curry has been great and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins, BUT…” Then insert either Harden or LeBron and reasons that ignore a near 19 WAR, the highest RPM in the NBA, and leading one of the best regular season teams in the history of the NBA.

  13. Damngoodx3 says:

    Haters gonna hate!!! There’s no denying he’s a phenomenal player. And he will win the MVP award this year. He himself does no self-promotion he let’s his game speak on his behalf. LeBron James can’t win every year. Its disrespectful to the other 400+ NBA players to give the same guy the award 5 times in less then 11 years, give me a break! Curry has made the Warriors not just a good team but in the league team setting a has a French our records and NBA record that’s why he’s going to win!

  14. tomas says:

    so what if he made 77 consecutive 3 pointers? sometimes I make more then 90 consecutive 3 pointers. Its not that big deal.

  15. Damngoodx3 says:

    Haters gonna hate!!! There’s no denying he’s a phenomenal player. And he will win the MVP award this year. He himself does no self-promotion he let’s his game speak on his behalf. LeBron James can’t win every year. Its disrespectful to the other 400+ NBA players to give the same guy the award 5 times in less then 11 years, give me a break! Curry has made the Warriors not just a good team but an elite team setting Warriors franchise records and NBA records that’s why he’s going to win!

  16. Amazing says:

    First of all that’s just u real. His hand eye coordination is off the charts.
    2nd….The mvp discussion. Whoever above me said it about lebron is right, he has multiple #1 picks beside him and on a team with 3 franchise players. So his season is skewed by that.
    Curry or harden…..and currys team is by far the best. He’s become Mr. Clutch.
    Curry is the MVP…get over it haters
    PS. …Kobe should have won it min 3 times….that was BS

    • PacFive says:

      Which team in the NBA has the most WIN record this year? That says it all folks! Winners deserve Awards for both individual and team accomplishments. That being said, Steph deserves the MVP for carrying his team to where they are now. His impeccable performance this entire season outshines Lebron and the rest of your MVP candidates.

    • Brandon says:

      Kobe should’ve won in 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2013 (and possibly 2009-10 when he hit 6 GW Shots)

    • Carter says:

      You sound stupid. Number one picks in Cleveland?? It is the Lebron and Kyrie show. Love has been mediocre at best this season. Also, they have never played together before. No matter how talented, it always takes at least 30 games for teams like this to start and feel comfortable with each other.

  17. Topgun says:

    I would have to give Harden MVP. Without him, Houston is not making the playoffs.
    LBJ has a better supporting cast than Harden, He has 2 all stars on his team. Harden has 1 and he’s been on the bench most of the season. The West is 5 times, maybe 10 times better than the East, its harder to win games on the West Cost, Harden is doing it (almost) by himself and they are no 3 in the West.
    Curry is great, don’t get me wrong, but without him GS still has a playoff caliber team.
    You have to go with who brings the most value to the team, and if you take Harden, Curry, Westbrook and LBJ of their current squad, GS still go to playoffs, OKC may not (only because KD isn’t playing) and as weak as the east is Cavs can still can make it with out LBJ. Harden should really be the MVP, but you know who the media works…

  18. Ysugar says:

    Hes a good shooter, Its not crazy. I practiced with zack rosen and he consistently hit 94 out of a hundred in practice. (the last time hitting the first 66 straight.

  19. PacFive says:

    That’s why there are 5 players in the game to make a TEAM! The game of basketball is where a player gets to show his SPECIAL skills and talents…where 5 players come together to showcase their special talents, mental to transform into winning games..

  20. jty7271 says:

    If he really made 77 straight, then I would’ve appreciated a longer video to prove it rather than just one showing him making 3 in a row and then 4 in a row. That video wan’t impressive.

  21. jty7271 says:

    Without Curry, his team is still good enough to make the playoffs. Without Harden, his team goes straight to the lottery. Harden does way more and works much harder on a team with a great record in a very strong conference. Therefore, Harden should be the MVP.

  22. charles says:

    People are talking about how Cleveland has two other all stars, but I think they are forgetting how well they have played without Lebron. No one player means more to a team than Lebron. James Harden is close but he’s got to learn how to play a little defense before I jump on the wagon.

  23. Brandon says:

    1) No one here has ever seen 77 straight made layups… let alone 3’s

    2) This is the MVP were talking about. Show some respect.

    3) Great job Steph… bring that to the playoffs

  24. Daenen Wollesen says:

    Shut up boris and cesar, can you shoot like curry? Can anyone shoot like him? Not even the defensive player of the year James Harden can stop him. Oh wait… That was James Harden who crossed up Chris Paul twice

  25. AC says:

    In a perfect world…

    Davis gets a playoff berth
    Westbrook gets a scoring title
    Harden gets an MVP
    and Curry gets an NBA title.

    …and everyone lives happily ever after 🙂
    Now we just need the Spurs and Lebron to play along.

  26. rey adriatico says:

    curry for MVP

  27. Henry says:

    Curry is the MVP hands down. Harden may carry the Rockets night in and night out but so does Curry. What separates the two is Curry makes those around him better whereas Harden doesn’t and is forced to handle it all on it’s own. A good leader is not one who only wins but one that inspires others to strive for excellence.

  28. Michael says:

    77 straight and 94 out of 100 is incredible (if it’s true), but this video is hopeless. Next time keep the video rollin’ with no cuts. Prove he can make at least 25 straight.

  29. Will the Thrill says:

    Well if Curry ain’t the MVP this season I don’t know who else is more qualified, sure as hell ain’t the ball hogs Harden and Westbrook.

    Steph Curry brings the best out of his teammates, Warriors didn’t become the league’s No. 1 team relying solely on him scoring, he can set up his teammates for them to score, that’s why Warriors still win even when Steph scored only 10, 15 points. Whereas James Harden and Russel Westbrook, if each of them had an off night, their teams would sure lose that night.

    MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, and the value is to the team not to the player’s self, Harden and Westbrook are elite players no doubt about that, but Steph Curry is the MVP,

  30. ErnDog says:

    Without question, Curry is MVP for 2013-2014. Without him the Dubs win 43….maybe 44. True NBA fans know fact from fiction.

  31. Ken Tremblay says:

    We’re sitting here, talking about “practice”? 🙂

  32. NBA LIES!!! says:


  33. Matt Claw says:

    The fact we have this discussion is amazing itself.Great, greater or the greatest!!!!>>>>????…….I don’t care!!!! Big ups for all of them!One thing we know for sure; its a really interesting season!!!

  34. Stan says:

    It’s our time as Warriors fans. We’ve waited 40 years for Curry and this team. Any haters just go away and let us enjoy this.

  35. marwin says:

    well here are the records of the team of the four guys running for MVP when they are not playing.

    The Beard (Houston) 0-1
    Steph (GS Warriors) 0-2
    RW (OKC) 5-10
    LBJ (Cleveland) 3-10

    so who is the most valuable player to his team?

  36. jermaine_thu says:

    anthony davis put the pelicans in playoff, he is the legit MVP. and lebron james is number 2, leonard is number 3
    curry and harden are not MVPs or legit, too much flaws in their game. (DEFENSE).
    the better player in golden state is klay thompson.
    but the media propaganda want something else.

  37. LimoDriver says:

    There is a youtube video of Jon Diebler making either 94 or 96 out of 100 3 pointers while demonstrating the 8000 Shooting Gun. Pretty impressive shooting by both him and Steph. I don’t think I could make 94 out of 100 layups!

  38. Raphael says:

    We talking about practice? Practice?

  39. Nuno says:

    Ok he is a good shooter but is not enough to be the MVP of the season.

    For me the MVP has to be spectacular, versatile and a athletic player.


  40. Quincy Gray says:

    Im reading the comments here, and to no suprise, positives and negatives are rolling. The top five candidates for mvp all had great seasons nonetheless. Golden State has been my favorite team since the days of Run TMC, but i wont show any bias towards them on this…….Steph showed that he deserves the award by leading the dubs to the best record this season, but his support cast aleviated his workload. I truly believe that Westbrook and Harden worked the hardest in terms of complete stats. The mvp should come down to them two…….my opinion.

  41. Don says:

    Look at the standings and you will see the Golden State on top of all the teams combined (East and West). Stephen Curry is the reason their team is no. 1 overall. Give him the trophy already.

  42. MVPGURU says:

    MVP is Most Valuable Player as in Most Valuable Player to their team. The Warriors without Curry would be fine but take away Harden from the Rockets and their done. Curry is quite overrated to be honest. His stats are not near MVP worthy. Harden has proven all year long he’s he MVP.

  43. Johnathan says:

    True. The rockets without Harden would not make the playoffs and the warriors without curry would not be the #1 seed but they would drop to probably the fourth seed. The warriors would still do good without him and the Rockets record would be close to the Lakers without Harden

  44. if you gys are really smart you would know lebron should have been MVP every year since 2009

  45. Nemo says:

    Not a game, not a game, we here talkin about practice.

  46. gtorukawa says:

    Here are the stats:

    Steph, FGA 16.8 FG% 48.7, 3P% 44.3, TOV 3.1

    Harden, FGA 18.1 FG% 44.00, 3P% 37.5, TOV 4.0

    James, FGA 18.5 FG 48.8, 3P% 35.4, TOV 3.9

    Wetbrook, FGA 22 FG% 42.6, 3P% 29.9, TOV 4.4

  47. gtorukawa says:

    Steph, FGA 16.8 FG% 48.7, 3P% 44.3, TOV 3.1

    Harden, FGA 18.1 FG% 44.00, 3P% 37.5, TOV 4.0

    James, FGA 18.5 FG 48.8, 3P% 35.4, TOV 3.9

    Wetbrook, FGA 22 FG% 42.6, 3P% 29.9, TOV 4.4


    MVP – Curry… I’m a Cleveland and LJ fan but Curry should be the MVP. Well deserve. Ohh in the west I like warriors too. Warriors 2015 Champs.

  49. he sucks says:

    lebron sucks i hate people making him the mvp he does not deserve it….he flat out sucks….if clevland would have simply added lebron and lebron only to its roster this year they would have been at the bottom of the league. then they added basically an entire new roster including Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, Mosgov Smith ect. definitely not lebron taking the team to the playoffs.

  50. Patrick B says:

    Does anyone care that MVP is a nonsense designation as no one person can be the most valuable person of a league? For a team, maybe but not a league.

  51. Chris says:

    In my opinion Lebron is the MVP. Here is why: LeBron left Cleveland and they didnt even make the playoffs, he comes back and leads his team to the 2nd best record in the east. Also CLE has a really bad record without him this season. Another thing which nobody really takes into cosideration is that none of the good players like Kevin Love would have come to CLE if LeBron wasnt there. So he is not only valuable on the court but also very important when it comes to recruting and forming a championship contending roster.
    Nonetheless I think each of the four (Westbrook, Harden, Curry and James) deserve to be MVP. They all had incredible years. You really cant make a “bad” decision in this one.
    Harden carried the Rockets all year long, Curry led his team to the best record in the NBA, Westbrook just had a rediculous personal year with a totally banged up roster and LeBron was LeBron again.
    If you are looking for the player who means the most to his team its a race between LeBron and Harden I think, if you are looking for te best player on the best team, Curry hast to be your choice.
    I wouldnt be surprised if the we get co-MVPs with split votes.
    Lets be happy there are so many great players in the league today, who make the league as exciting as it is right now.
    (written by a aDllas fan)

  52. Federer says:

    Well straight to the MVP debate: I think Harden should get the MVP. Many have said all the right reasons: Steph’s team is much more stacked, than Houston. Klay is the best SG in the leauge behind Harden, D. Green is a beast, and Steve Kerr is one hack of a coach. They are deep too, their bench is deeper. Houston the other hand is basically all Harden. If he hadn’t played, they wouldn’t have made the PO. With him they are the no. 2 seed in the redicilously tough western conference. The same argument could be made for LBJ’s impact, though he coasted on like 30 games this season, so in my eyes he shouldn’t be rewarded for that. But he is the best player, and when it will matter he will turn it on, and they will win the chip. So regular season MVP goes to Harden, but they go home in the first/second round.