The Spurs made a music video

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In retrospect, the ’80s were a strange time, when bands wore face paint and teased their hair and played aggressively dramatic pop songs. And who better to celebrate that era than a bunch of the San Antonio Spurs? Here’s a music video from Spuran Spuran, a Duran Duran tribute band composed of Matt Bonner, Patty Mills, Aron Baynes, the Spurs Coyote mascot, and Kawhi Leonard on drums, in a tribute to Tim and Eric with their song, “Spurs!”

VIDEO: Spuran Spuran


  1. OKC says:

    The Spurs took a little break from destroying the NBA to make this video.

    Sphere Bounce!

  2. Yasar says:

    I guess this is what Synth-pop-ovich is all about….

  3. Sim Bhullar says:

    Hope they dont crash out of the playoff like they did a few years ago..