Washington Wizards unveil new logo


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Washington Wizards released a new primary logo today, joining the Milwaukee Bucks as teams looking for a little visual re-boot heading into the postseason. According to the Wizards…

The new primary logo incorporates the “monument ball” design that has been in place since 2011 in combination with the iconic striping from the team’s uniforms, the three stars that represent D.C., Maryland and Virginia (which are also featured on the apron of center court at Verizon Center) and the team’s wordmarks. The Wizards will continue to prominently use both the monument ball and “DC hands” logos in all collateral materials and will discontinue the use of the “wizard/partial moon” logo that was introduced in 1997 and revamped in 2011.


  1. bi-polar says:

    nothing new…………

  2. OKC says:

    Now if only they weren’t the Wizards @_@. That’s as bad as a basketball team being named after a Nascar pace car and being called the Paccers…….. Next lets make a team called the Cricketers.

    • OKC, you're incorrect says:

      Actually the Pacers were named after harness racing horses known as “pacers” as well as the car that starts the Indianapolis 500, which is not affiliated in any way with NASCAR. Although NASCAR does use pace cars, the team was not named with stock cars in mind in 1967.

  3. I like kittens says:

    New logos are cool

  4. Blue says:

    Slowly but surely making our way back to being the Bullets. 🙂

  5. dustydreamnz says:

    Really like this.

  6. NorCal Warrior says:

    Sorry, that blows!

  7. NorCal Warrior says:

    It looks like a campaign button. This is Basketball not the Presidential Race

  8. David Angevine says:

    Like the new logo. How soon till the team name is changed to Washington Monuments?

  9. Vince Dumbrique says:

    Cool. Go Wiz!

  10. Yasar says:

    Much better than the Bucks new logo

  11. Washington Wisemen says:

    The new team name should be the Washington Wisemen. I’m completely serious

  12. DC says:

    Now just change the name back to the Bullets.

    • artifex says:

      There was a campaign and thoughts for that a couple of years ago.
      But really, with all those weapon incidents in the past years, how smart is it to be named the “Bullets”
      though I believe it was thought as a reference to the speed not the effect of a bullet…
      but logos and names are tough… it seems every name if you repeat it 100 times sounds a bit silly.
      Though better keep a silly name than always changing it, It’s part of history and tells some story. My opinion
      Particularly like the Utah JAZZ and LA LAKERS, it tells about their origins…
      And Lakers, Celtics and Bulls logos are the only ones I remember to be around the past 2 decades. Seems the only ones proud enough of their past? (or having the smartest designers back then, some others didn’t change much either though, like Spurs, Pacers)

      • artifex says:

        Forgot to mention the Suns and Blazers.
        Blazers incredibly simple but yet enduring over time.
        And talking about proud of your past (Bulls, Lakers and Celtics):
        Knicks also quite similar over time
        How come the Clippers still have the same logo.
        What a past… culminating in change last summer…

        STILL: In their place – I would keep that logo.
        Remember what you’ve been, see what you’re now. Keep goin’

      • ButterBall46 says:

        The Jazz is New Orleans, Utah doesn’t make any sense, why would it be the Jazz in Utah? The Lakers where Minnesota before LA, which makes more sense. Think about it.

  13. thor.eptg says:

    Why not make it a wizard?

  14. Sim Bhullar says:

    Are they running for some campaign? looks like a badge..

  15. Harry Balz says:

    Well, it’s better than the old one.

  16. superflyrfc says:

    Thank you for finally getting rid of that stupid wizard. How did it last this long. I agree with “DC”. Change the name back to the Bullets so I can wear my childhood gear and not feel like an antique. While you’re at, bring back Muresan and Bogues and have Nene and Wall come off the bench.

  17. Anthony Watkins says:

    It’s hard to work with Blue Red and White. Those aren’t good colors for logos or jerseys but they have to live with it cause it’s D.C.

  18. Milburne Willid says:

    Bring back the Bullet name and logo.

  19. tim timbo says:

    Obama support this message…and logo.

  20. colby says:

    it is ok I guess.

  21. Garret says:

    reminds me a lot of the louisiana ragin cajuns logo tbh

  22. dennis m says:

    Go back to the Bullets

  23. adesormesjr says:

    Very smart move. For both the Wizards and Capitals to bring back the red, white, and blue theme was long overdue.