Shaqtin’ A Fool: 75th Anniversary Special

Take a stroll through the best Shaqtin’ moments of the last four seasons and don’t forget to vote for the 2014-15 Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP! #Shaqtin

Top 10 Shaqtin’ Plays: 2011-12

VIDEO: Top 10 Shaqtin’ Plays from 2011-12


Top 10 Shaqtin’ Plays: 2012-13

VIDEO: Top 10 Shaqtin’ Plays from 2012-13


Top 10 Shaqtin’ Plays: 2013-14

VIDEO: Top 10 Shaqtin’ Plays from 2013-14

2014-15 Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP

VIDEO: 2014-15 Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP Nominees


Who is this year’s Shaqtin’ MVP? Vote below and tweet your choice to #Shaqtin!


  1. ezra jamal says:

    can i vote for a tripple tie 😉😉😉

  2. jty7271 says:

    No Kendrick Perkins?

  3. IanGoSpursGo says:

    No Question! Otto Porter All day! All day Baby! #MVP #Shaqtin

    And another thing, The Spurs will get their 6th championship this year
    #Back2Back #GoSpursGo (y) *Flies Away

  4. Disappointed says:

    Man i laugh so hard everytime i see that Otto Porter defensive play…

    • OKC says:

      The double take is the best part! You can tell he checks to see if his man is still there, but he doesn’t seem to register it till he looks again LOL.

      How is Perk not on here? Last years champ and a resume for shaq’tin few can match. I love Perk but it’s great to see him on Shaq’tin for another team lol.

  5. Dion Waiters had the most impressive fool resume in highlights AND in how he carried himself off the court this season. He was happy to be traded from the Cavs to the Thunder…good call bro. And every time he jumped up and down asking for the ball this season I was smh, lol

  6. Dion Waiters on and off the court! King Fool

  7. G says:

    Auto-pilot, no doubt!

  8. ajax says:

    It has to be otto, that defensive blank is never not funny

  9. YMVSpurs Fan says:

    Otto Porter, welcome to the Shaqtin’ a Fool Hall of Fame. Ps. Go Spurs Go first repeat of franchise history and duncan’s retirement as a champion just like Robinson did in 2003.

  10. stephen curry says:

    It’s Otto Porter all day, every day

  11. KingJames'Brother says:

    No JaVale McGee aww man! but that Otto Porter defensive play never gets old i tell u that’s the worst of them all

  12. GameTester says:

    OttoPilot WINS xD

  13. Who you guard says:

    porter ftw defensive player of the year

  14. head515 says:

    I know JaVale McGee is NOT relevant this year; but he should be a Shaqtin Hall of Famer…

    … and regardless of which team wins the Finals, I just hope that the Cavs will never win a Championship (and keep that championship drought)

  15. I voted for Otto Porter, but man, it was a TOUGH choice between Porter and Knight

  16. Safak B says:

    Man, Brandon Knight has the unluckiest career ever in the NBA. All of his resumé is #Shaqtin.

  17. Omar says:


  18. Zocom7 says:

    Javale McGee = Shaqtin Hall of Famer.
    Kendrick Perkins = Shaqtin A Fool Legend
    Otto Potter = new Shaqtin A Fool MVP

  19. kex7 says:

    Otto-Pilot all the way!!!!

  20. kex7 says:

    Otto-Pilot all the way!!!

  21. Sword Eyes says:

    One OTTO highlight tops it all!

  22. MackDaddy says:

    Gotta be Otto!

  23. MackDaddy says:

    Welcome to this years MVP…. come on down Otto Porter!

  24. GMan0127 says:

    Otto looks a little bit like JaVale but he definitely has the same lack of basketball sense and physical coordination as JaVale!
    Not even close to the other two nominees … Otto all the way!

  25. NoDeandreJordanBlunder says:

    Deandre Jordan major blunder should be the top Shaqtin A Fool of all time. He snatch the rebound and could have taken a shot or simply an easy putback but he did not and you can see Chris Paul desperate plea for him shouting in his face to take GAME Winning Shot

  26. KorverMania says:

    i saw the double dribble without getting caught… funny. Otto for this year definitely, and definitely not so NBA ready….

  27. OTTO, forget LBJ you are the king

  28. Katrine says:


  29. Schtick says:

    Otto hands down. Funniest defensive play in ages.

    Love the Waiters highlight reel, it’s almost like if someone reanimated David Wesley and cranked up the usage rate.

  30. Dexter says:

    No way this goes to Otto….Dude is in no way, shape or form a fool.

  31. Ethan C says:

    Otto, I think you have the best resume for the foolishness especially “Otto Pilot”. I think he should be like Javale Mcgee.