DeAndre Jordan is Batman


ALL BALL NERVE CENTERDeAndre Jordan is the Los Angeles Clippers’ likely all-defensive team center, a man who stops all opponents attempting to infiltrate his territory. Perhaps DJ takes some of his principles from one of our great, if not greatest, superheroes, Batman. Jordan says he’s a big, big Batman fan, and on a recent day off, Jordan went to Warner Bros. studios in Hollywood and got a chance to see some historic Batman memorabilia, as well as stuff from the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. Here’s a gallery of images from the Clippers, and be sure to check the video below…

VIDEO: Jordan is Batman


  1. l0l says:

    this is nice. DeAndre is good Center, even tho hes even worse than D12 at making his FT’s I still like him. Defensively he stepped up so much, gotta respect that.
    This being a side,also game 1 being a side. I think the Spurs will win the series lol.

  2. skrutz says:

    He makes the batmobile look like a batbumpercar.


    Go NBA! part of everything. Nice NBA players are RockStars. I wana see a SPACE JAM 2. Where is Steven Spielberg when we need him. LOL Go DeAndre Air J. keep eating your Wheaties and make you Free Throws. Love Spurs but they had snuff send them home. let new blood taste the NBA Rings