Shaqtin’ A Fool: Volume 4, Episode 25

VIDEO: Shaqtin’ A Fool: Volume 4, Episode 25

These plays from the last week of the regular season couldn’t escape Shaq’s watchful eye! Vote for this week’s best Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. Don says:

    Even tho vazquez sucked this was still a great shaqtin. Thank you shaq !

  2. GreebBirdCro says:

    Oh, cmon folks! WTH?!
    This is a once in a life time opportunity to stick it back to the ol’ Joey! We all got scr…d sometimes by this whistle-happy fella!
    On another note, the best thing for me was seeing Larry the Legend having a laugh. Priceless!

  3. Bizzniss says:

    cmon, how can you not vote for Hibbert? I thought it was gonna be like 70 or 80% for Hibbert

  4. MackDaddy says:

    JC is the winner this week!! Joey never slips up right 🙂 ?

  5. Timberpuppy says:

    One chance to finally correct the mistake of not having a Shaqtin of Chris Paul jumping and screaming at DJ to do something with the basket and they let it slip… Not cool. Okay selection overall but that CP3 moment was way funnier than some of the picks.

  6. j bean says:

    Joey Crawford was a dive.
    Just wanted to be on Shaqtin a fool.

  7. j bean says:

    Can’t stop laughing at the JV clip. Especially the smile from the rook Caboclo at the end.

  8. om says:

    joy $5000 flop

  9. harriethehawk says:

    The Ref was funny!

  10. CavsNation says:

    OMG! Joey Crawford!

  11. spursnut says:

    I like the way everybody (nobody) rushed over to help joey up, he finally gets his

  12. michael says:

    joey crawford…………… we all deserve a good laugh at him.

  13. Daxter says:

    The Joey Crawford one AHAHHAH

  14. Eric says:

    Some NFL teams should consider Roy Hibbert as a part of the OL!

  15. JordanT34 says:

    Yo, what about Elfrid Payton’s two air balled free throws in a row, against the clippers in december last year? That has to be on there.

    • miTch says:

      Show Lebrons LasT minuTe Turn overs. Lebron jusT canT Take cluTchs plays. He’s so funny in The lasT 2 minuTes

  16. Kj says:

    love the roy hibbert one, next allstar Colt CB!

  17. Zocom7 says:

    Seeing Joey Crawford tripping over an invisible barrier at half-court and falling down made some people wondered what happened there. After this episode, that makes this season’s Shaqtin A Fool the longest yet.

  18. Daniel Selleshiy says:

    roy hibert

  19. all baller says:

    it takes skill to trip over the halfcoart line!!!!!!! #joeycrawford!!!