Shaqtin’ A Fool: Ludacris Edition

VIDEO: Shaqtin’ A Fool: Ludacris Edition

Ludacris made a special appearance on Inside the NBA on Tuesday night so Shaq queued up a special “Ludcaris Edition” of Shaqtin’ A Fool. Vote for this week’s best Shaqtin’ Ludacris A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. docdo says:

    it wasnt even funny

  2. GameTester says:

    This ludacrap has to be the bumbest thing shaqtin’ a fool has done >_>

  3. Christer Beel Dolor says:

    Hahaha this is great i hope you can read my comment 😀 im from Philippines 😀

    Mayweather or Pacman? hahaha

  4. robertarias says:

    They should have played Ludacris’s song “Act a Fool”…..

  5. asfasfasf says:

    This absolutly wasnt the worst episode of shaqtin a fool!
    Comment if you agree!

    • Dawn of Da 2nd Bulls Dynasty says:

      I got dizzy watching Capt. Kirk. And Jeff was moving so fast… his feet couldn’t keep up! Definitely not the worst of anything

  6. CPCPDAJ says:

    Where’s CP3 shouting up at Deandre Jordan…

  7. tanyai says:

    shaq sucks at making these
    he should go kill himself
    i hate it

    • Dawn of Da 2nd Bulls Dynasty says:

      I guess that’s why you watch them, right? Makes sense to me!! He’s the fool, not you!

  8. John Doe says:

    Shaq was THE most dominant player of post MJ era. Other than his low FT %, he was a great player on both ends of the floor. But he is a horrendous commentator/analyst. 90% of his comments are about how awesome he was, and how much better he would be if he were to still play. When Ernie asks questions, he just mumbles in circles talking about the same thing, and half the time, it’s irrelevant. It’s great that he wants to be funny and entertain people, but the show isn’t called “Shaq on TNT”. It’s “NBA on TNT”. Let’s get him off the show and keep Emmy Awards winner quality back on.

  9. A A Ron says:

    Dude, cmon. This competes just as well with the other episodes. KEEP UP THE SPECIALS!

  10. nathan papp says:

    Was that last clip actually a travel? He takes possession, takes 2 steps, dribbles, 2 more steps. It just looked really awkward.

  11. Jake says:

    Trevor Ariza wow. Also, Ludacris looks like an eight-year old kid standing next to Shaq.

  12. head515 says:

    Wow… it was so funny that I forgot to laugh

  13. mohamed ghelle says:


  14. Henry Okibe says:

    Didn’t know Mr Ernie Smith was tall… oh well

  15. jermaine_thu says:

    ludacris is short lolll the hobbit. in the furious movies he look normal but they are all small little guys i guess.
    not so good episode, low content