Throwback Thursday: Jerry West

VIDEO: Jerry West was a legendary NBA scorer

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Today’s Topic: Jerry West’s Finals feat

Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West is associated with many feats in NBA lore, but on this date 46 years ago, he pulled off one of his greatest ever.

In Game 1 of the 1969 NBA Finals, West scored 53 points to lift the Lakers to a 120-118 win over the Boston Celtics. Although the Celtics would eventually go on to win the series in seven games, West held a place in NBA lore for many years to come. His 53 points stood as a Finals record until Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls broke it with a 55-point effort in Game 4 of the 1993 NBA Finals (a 111-105 Chicago victory over the Phoenix Suns).

In honor of West’s Finals feat all those years ago, we take a look back at the storied career of one of the best shooting guards in NBA history:

Gallery: Jerry West’s career

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  1. says:

    Michael Jordan did not score 63 points in a championship game. His 63 points was in a playoff game against the Celtics.

  2. Mitchell says:

    First let me mention that Michael Jordan did not score 63 points in a finals game. He scored 63 in a playoff game against the Celtics, which means that Jerry West has the finals record of 53 points. As for Kareem, he is the greatest player in NBA history. Six championships and more league MVP’s than Jordan with 6. He is also the all-time leading scorer. I will always remember his unstoppable sky hook and his championship MVP against the Celtics in 1985.

  3. James says:

    Elgin Baylor scored 61 vs the celtics in the 1962 finals…