Horry Scale: Bayless keeps Bucks alive

VIDEO: Bucks’ guard Jerryd Bayless’ layup keeps Milwaukee’s season alive.

Jerryd Bayless headed to the sideline as if he hit a shot to end the first quarter, of a game in January, against a lottery team. He basically calmly walked off.

But that smile. It was bigger than the arena, a louder statement than the home crowd, more of a barometer of the new mood among the Bucks than the updated playoff standings. That smile, the one a lot of people in Wisconsin now have.

Jared Dudley made the great pass, Bayless made the twisting layup at the buzzer, and the Bucks had finally pushed through against the Bulls, going from the double-overtime loss on Thursday and the 0-3 deficit in the best-of-seven series to the 92-90 victory Saturday in Milwaukee.


For Bayless? Not much. He had to catch the ball going away from the basket and turn slightly to flip the ball in with his right hand while taking a slight hit from defender Derrick Rose.

The pass was the hard part. Throwing the ball in from the left sideline, Dudley completed a perfect pass, through Joakim Noah applying pressure on Dudley and through Rose staying close to Bayless. The pass could not have been better.


Rose’s eighth turnover of the day — a day he probably never forgets — gave the Bucks the ball with 1.3 seconds remaining in a 90-90 game. Coach Jason Kidd called one timeout, a full. Then another, a 20.

And the series situation. Milwaukee had already lost in overtime in the series, two days before, and likely would have had another extra period if it didn’t convert on this last try. Lose this one as well and the season’s over.




It was a great scene. Bayless may have been calm as he walked to the sideline, but once there, he was mobbed by teammates as the building went wild, at least the people who hadn’t made the drive from Chicago to watch. Even the scene looked good from overhead, with many Bucks fans waving the white T-shirts left on the seats before the game.


Five Horrys, and only because that’s the limit. A basket to win a playoff game, against a neighborhood rival, with the possibility of elimination looming — that easily deserves the max.



  1. OKC says:

    That was nuts.

  2. The G.O.A.T says:

    Not so big because it was an easy layup, but if it was a jumpshot definetly a five horrys for that one.

  3. abc says:

    it was a wide open layup on incredibly blown coverage..

  4. OldCelt says:

    When will you stop giving five for uncontested layups?
    Two …

  5. rokec says:

    Really?? 5 Horrys?? There were some MORE difficult shots and tougher situations this season and I don’t remember when someone got 5 Horrys. I really don’t see why is this bucket worth 5 Horrrys. Max is 3. The shot was an easy one. The only category that stands out is the importance…but of this you can’t get 5 Horrys.
    I rank it at 2.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Great play drawn up by the coach

  7. I’ll give jason kidd 5 popovich’s and 5 phil jackson’s for that play.

    That was one of the greatest coaching plays of all time. Both for calling the time out and drawing up that play.

    The shot itself is like 3 horrys because it was easier than a free throw. But that’s not to take away from those young Bucks who have played really competitively this entire series.

    I hate how many bulls fans were in their home crowd, after all the Bucks have been through these last 2 seasons…
    For people to show up and cheer against them is just wrong. Shakin my head…

  8. Thor says:

    We’ll start with 1 horry as base.

    +2 elimination game
    +2 rivalry
    -1 wide open layup
    +0.5 overtime if missed (remember game 3?)
    I give it a 4.5, only because of how easy the shot was.

  9. Kalbo!! says:

    I’m actually a fan of Derrick Rose.. But he clearly blew this game…

  10. Shane says:

    5? You’ve got to knock off at least 1 for the ease of the shot and 1 as the game was tied, miss and you’re still alive. 3 max, but I gave it a very harsh 2. Give that 5 and you’ve got to have somewhere to go from there

  11. Danny Brown says:

    I’m gonna say 4 Horrys because the shot helped them avoid a 4 game sweep. Unfortunately for Bucks fans the odds are still against a comeback and this shot might have only bought them 1 or 2 games.

    If they come back and win this gets 5 Horrys. Still a great play though.

  12. Ronstar258 says:

    Is it just me or when these happen during a tie game does that lessen the importance a bit? To me this is a 4-horry play, but if the bucks were behind it would have easily been 5

  13. Luis Corcino says:

    Come on, it was a wide open lay up. Its Rose’s fault for not keeping him closer.

  14. Noitidart says:

    Five horrys only because of a fanstastic heads up timeout by Jason Kidd. Otherwise less as yes it was blown defensive coveage etc. But for Jason Kidd’s awesome work 5 Horry’s.

  15. NBAARON says:

    4 because it was important but it was an easier shot. It it was a midrange/3 or tougher shot, it would have been a 5.

  16. Pétrus says:

    Could not be less than five horrys, although it wasn’t the toughest of the layups, but had a huge importance, the guys above who’s saying that five horrys is too much, remember that the horry scale not only measure the shot itself, but the entire stage.

  17. Ken says:

    3 max. Game was tied, so if he misses, it’s goin’ to overtime…and it was a freakin’ layup!