Paul Pierce trolls Raptors after Game 4

VIDEO: The Starters give their takes on Paul Pierce’s trolling

By Jeff Case

The Washington Wizards ousted the Toronto Raptors from the playoffs last night with a 125-94 thrashing to complete a 4-0 series sweep. Throughout this first-round series, Paul Pierce — whom the Wizards added in the offseason — paid huge dividends with clutch shots in Game 1 and Game 3. Considering that Pierce was a villain for the Raptors in their first-round series loss to Pierce’s Brooklyn Nets, they’ve probably had just about enough of him for a while.

Pierce can’t get enough of ribbing the Raptors, it seems, and took to social media after the Game 4 win to get a few not-subtle-at-all digs in on the team/franchise. (h/t FTW)

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Drake crazy fa this

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Paul Pierce's Facebook post

Paul Pierce’s Facebook post




  1. TheKush says:


  2. name says:


  3. dustydreamnz says:

    I like Paul Pierce, doesn’t worry about what people think of him. The Truth is a great nickname.

  4. The North says:

    Paul Pierce is the definition of ignorant. You know nothing about geography let alone wizardry. Your king of my toilet seat. Fool.

    • Peter says: you know a great deal of Wizardy do you?

      If so, why don’t you cast a few spells to modify his twitter picture so that it shows him sitting on a toilet instead of a throne?

      Oh don’t know of Wizardy? Well, that’s a bit of a hypocritical comment then, isn’t??

  5. Brake says:

    He’s enjoying his little flash of old man success while he can.
    Way to go, you beat a team that beat themselves.
    At least he has that one single championship thanks mostly to Kevin Ray and Rondo.

  6. Paul says:

    This is great 😀 Gotta love the Drake photo lmao. Raptors better try to avoid The Truth next year

  7. Da Trueff says:

    Lol I’m from Toronto, 31 yrs old. Played ball since I was 5.
    Watched ball since I could see.
    This guy is fantastic, trash talkers love at every level of the game and he has crushed the raps.
    He’s not an all time great but he’s a top “B” level player and as clutch as anyone over the past 15 yrs (except kobe)
    Love his personality. Still got game. Go get Em truth

  8. X says:

    Paul Pierce is messing around with the wrong group of fans. The north remembers and Winter is Coming. We will have our revenage.

  9. Da Truth says:

    1. Paul Pierce is Awesome.
    2. The Raptors are not!

  10. OKC says:

    Lol I didn’t know the Truth was a game of thrones fan.

  11. Tim Timbo says:

    PAUL PIERCE IS THE MAN!!! THE TRUTH!!! fav player of all time, obv I am a celts fan.

  12. da man says:

    paul is the real beast of the east

  13. THE LIE says:

    Paul Peirce maybe THE TRUTH…but I am THE LIE

  14. THE LIE says:

    Paul Peirce maybe THE TRUTH but I am THE LIE

  15. Theo says:

    I’m from Toronto as well. I admit the better team won. But Pierce wasn’t the reason we lost (although he’s acting like it). That honor goes to Gortat, Beal & Wall in that order. On our side – a few recommendations: Val should be deported. Kyle needs to go look up the definition of team as he seems to have forgotten it in the second half. And for the love of God, trade TRoss.

  16. Edjumacator says:

    That Finals MVP was more like an Academy Award for his wheelchair scene in Game One. Celts should have won in five but Pierce let Kobe pick his pocket near the end. PP missed out on an Academy Award for Finding Nemo so the MVP was his consolation prize.

  17. Jay says:

    Like Drake says “Started from the bottom & still at the bottom.” With the East getting strong next year and the Raptures probably gonna get rid of some players, it is gonna be a long season for T.Dot fan next year. It will only get worst.