Kevin Durant stars in new commercials for Sonic

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the annual traditions of postseason basketball is companies rolling out new commercials starring various NBA players. The drive-in restaurant chain Sonic just dropped a couple of new commercials starring Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. I’m guessing they assumed these would air during Thunder playoff games, but injuries brought the Thunder’s season to an early end. Still, funny stuff from KD…

VIDEO: Durant Sonic one-on-one

VIDEO: Durant slush dunk

(via TNLP)


  1. Well Damn says:

    why didnt he just come back… sigh

  2. Well Damn says:

    Why didn’t he just come back for the last week of the season… sigh

  3. Yasar says:

    On a familiar subject: Bring back the Sonics……

  4. SammyB says:

    Shouldn’t the NBA skip an advertisement for a pure sugar diabetes inducing candy drink and stick to the get fit kids! ads??

  5. neon_ace says:

    get seattle back! add a new team to balance it out and make another division with four teams only in each divison

    northwest( seattle, portland, sacrament, utah)

    pacfic(golden state, la lakers, SD clippers(move them back to SD), phoenix)

    midwest(minnesota, denver, okc, memphis)

    central east(indianna, chicago, milwake, detroit)

    northeast(toronto, cleveland, philly, (a new team))

    atlantic(new york, brooklyn, DC, boston)

    southeast(orlando, miami, atlanta, charlotte)

    southwest(san antonio, dallas, houston, new orleans)

    problem solved!!!!