Paul Pierce is on a taunting spree

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERPaul Pierce is on a roll. The Washington Wizards may have underwhelmed in the regular season, but Pierce and the Wiz swept the Toronto Raptors in four games in their first round series, which gave Pierce the chance to troll our neighbors to the north.

And now, with some time on their hands before the next round of the playoffs, Pierce and his Wizards teammates went to last night’s Washington Capitals vs. New York Islanders hockey game. And since they were in the front row, when given the chance to taunt the visiting Caps Islanders, Pierce couldn’t help himself…

And whether it was Pierce’s influence or not, the Caps won and advanced to round two, the first time the Caps and Wiz have both been in the second round in the same season.


  1. Common Sense says:

    This isn’t basketball. That may be taunting in basketball but sure as hell not hockey. That is nothing more than a relaxed below average hockey fan reaction, especially at a close out playoff game. Great they were there, but the only news here is that the wizards were at a capitals game.

  2. Stupid Lang says:

    Hey Lang, why would Paul Pierce taunt the home team, ‘Caps. Get your teams in order. I know it’s hockey, and this wasn’t a typo this was a complete opposite of what Paul Pierce and the WIz were doing. Dummiie

  3. Warriorfan2015 says:

    Paul Pierce the truth. The true sports fan, the heart of a champion.!!

  4. NBAARON says:

    I like how this is called the “All Ball” blog, but none of this is about basketball. Just sayin’.

    • Da Truth says:

      …Except for the fact the Washington Wizards (aka. a NBA Basketball team) are out having a good time together. Hmmmm

  5. true or false??? says:

    I hope Paul is ready!… When he finds himself facing Deron, Joe & Brooklyn’s Lopez in the next round, he might be exposed as a well dressed lie. In my opinion, the Wizards would beat the Hawks if they had to face off in round two. But I believe the Nets would have the Wizards’ number. Though I’d love to see a Bulls/Wizards rematch, watching the Nets beat up on them would be just as satisfying. On another note, this is the best playoffs in a while. Or maybe I’m just excited that the Bulls are all healthy… Praise GOD!

  6. Ronald says:

    Yeah, why does it say he was taunting the Caps? It was probably a silly oversight but it still comes off as the basketball writer who can’t figure out hockey teams.

  7. J. W. says:

    “When given the chance to taunt the visiting Caps?” ….Don’t you mean Islanders? Proofread before you publish man.

  8. tom says:

    the bulls are going to loose to the cavaliers next round but they will beat the bucks in game 7.

    • You meant game 6, and you’re lucky it got there. Should’ve been a sweep, but honestly wasn’t worried. as you saw they were tired of taking it easy on them and letting them stay too close.

  9. tim timbo says:

    how is this taunting? bad article. pierce is still the man though. TRUTH. ❤ 08' celtics

  10. the rock says:


  11. brad says:

    you meant HAWKS, you idiot!

  12. brad says:

    The Hawks are losers.

  13. Nate says:

    Let the truth be known.


    Paul Pierce wouldn’t have any chance at all to even get to the FINALS.

    All his years in BOSTON….. either round 1 or round 2 elimination when he was alone….
    TRASH talk nonsense get you no where…. Let’s see how far you can bring the Washington Wizards to the playoffs…

    oh yeah in which by the way…. JOHN WALL’s team…. no John Wall; Wizards will crumble.

    • leon says:

      Michael Jordan couldn’t win championships without Pippen…Lebron James couldn’t win anything in Cleveland and only became a champion with Wade and Bosh. No one, no matter how great, can win a championship by himself. Pierce was the only star in Boston during those non-championship years. So your argument is completely ignorant.

      • Invalid. Bill Russell, as a solo star for the Celtics, won many championships.

      • Dan Kravitz says:

        Russell won championships by himself?!?!?!?????????

        Bob Cousy Bill Sharman Tommy Heinsohn Sam Jones KC Jones John Havlicek Frank Ramsay Kevin McHale Don Nelson

        Russell was the greatest player in basketball history, with the rings to prove it but as stated, nobody does it alone.

    • Ok?? You could say the same for a lot of teams, look at the thunder. Stupid hater comments..

  14. theKotecha says:

    I take it Mr. Lang Whitaker has never been to a hockey game

  15. michael says:

    Well said Leon! Paul carried the Celtics on his back. Of course basketball is a team sport. Paul had the other great players behind him, all of them, I believe 12 of them. Oh by the way, Lebron could not get past Paul Pierce.

  16. swagmaster5000 says:

    this is a horrible article