Flop or Not? with Vlade Divac

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — These days, flopping during an NBA game will get you a fine and a public rebuke from the NBA. But a few decades ago, it was a different world, when flopping wasn’t as reviled and was instead looked at more often with a wink and a smile. And there was nobody better at it then Sacramento center Vlade Divac. But now that Vlade is in the Kings front office, he’s pulling back the curtain and admitting which plays were flops and which plays were actual fouls. (Spoiler alert: They’re all flops.)

VIDEO: Vlade flops


  1. Srbo says:


  2. da_troute says:

    lol good job vlade

  3. A.J. says:

    That Sacramento franchise is a joke. They traded joke owners for another. Then the head coaching fiasco, and then putting a new guy in charge of personnel that, after his playing career, has been as close in touch with the NBA as Tom Cruise has been close in touch with women. In other words, never. And never mind him again hiring the head coach before hiring the GM. But the clown in charge of everything thinks because he created a strategy for his daughter’s basketball team, he’s the smartest guy in the room. It’s unreal.

  4. Willroll1 says:

    I still remember a rookie Vlade in the
    Finals vs the Bulls 🙂

  5. cobrapoison says:

    That’s why they called him Floppy Divac!

  6. cobrapoison says:

    This is why his nickname is/was Floppy Divac!

  7. mike J says:

    The kings had the best record in the NBA with Vlade so I just want to thank all his hard work. Thanks Vlade