ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Maybe the most fun part of this Clippers run has been getting to see their always intense owner Steve Ballmer sitting courtside, where he is pretty much constantly FIRED UP. LIKE, REALLY FIRED UP.

Last night in San Antonio, the Clippers hung on to win a close Game 6, 102-96. But it was a close game throughout, which meant it wasn’t easy for Steve Ballmer…


  1. William says:

    Great owner!!!
    I hope the clippers can put together
    A good bech for next year, they have the best staring 5 but the worst bench in the NBA!!!!!

  2. Matt says:

    Please make a compilation of Steve Ballmer’s reactions throughout the playoffs.

  3. LDELGADO says:

    the Clipps have to move beyond this round- Doc Rivers still has the same record that Vinnie Del Negro. A lot has been invested on what Doc Rivers has asked and same results as Vinnie.

    Frustated Clippers Fan

    • GameTime says:

      I’ve been a Clipper fan for a long time and anyone so called fan that complains about them now is a easy to spot bandwagoner. We’ve had a horrible team for the longest. When they lose it is nothing new, but I am definitely excited when they win big games.

  4. celentano says:

    we shall see tonight what the difference is between del negro & Rivers,doc pull more defence + attention from his players executing the game than Del Negro could do.We will see tonight!

  5. jeff says:

    im not a clippers fan but you’ve gotta love this guy, looks like he is about to cry

  6. Where Amazing Happens says:

    I have nothing but respect for Ballmer. You can obviously tell that this is much more than just a business to him, which is great news for Clippers fans, because he will do whatever it takes to build a competitor. I love to see an owner enjoy the sport as much as he does.