Stephen Curry has come a long way

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The newest member of the MVP club is Golden State’s Stephen Curry, who today was named the 2014-15 KIA NBA Most Valuable Player. But as great as Curry has been this season, it’s worth remembering that Curry wasn’t always one of the the best players in the world.

Check out this tweet below, which is a screenshot of Curry’s recruiting rating when he was finishing high school. Curry was rated as a three-star recruit, probably because he was 6-2 and just 165 pounds. He grew a little, sure, but he’s also put in a ton of work and transformed himself into one of the greats.

Not long after, Curry was among the top prospects in the 2009 Draft. For what’s it’s worth, as you can see in the video below, he may have been a three-star recruit, but even in college at Davidson, Curry could always shoot the rock…

VIDEO: Curry Davidson

VIDEO: Warriors celebrate drafting Curry in 2009


  1. lrush says:

    The only Person that has been able to contain Curry is Keith Smart former coach of Golden State, who thought it was wise to play Curry last then 30 minutes and set him in the fourth qtr so that Monte Ellis would have the ball.

  2. C.K.G. says:

    Great story for everyone. Stay focused and pursue your dreams don’t let the pundits bring you down. And on top of it his parents are Hokies. Go Hokies and congrats Curry’s