Paul George helps family buy a wheelchair-accessible van

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Very cool story today out of Indiana. A few weeks ago, the Esterline family was surprised to find out someone had started a fundraising campaign to help the family afford a new wheelchair-accessible van, to make life a little bit easier for their 10-year-old daughter Daisy, who has cerebral palsy.

Then, a few days ago, the family was told that an anonymous donor would match all donations up to $6,000. Hoping to make sure they reached the $6,000 threshold, Daisy’s father tweeted at Paul George from the Pacers, who had met Daisy last year at a local children’s hospital.

Sure enough, on Sunday someone pledged $10,000 to the fund. That user’s name? Paul George. No fanfare, just a few clicks.

For more on the story, here’s a video from a local television station…

VIDEO: Paul George donation

(via EOB)


  1. Jaysen says:

    This is what being an athlete is all about: Bettering lives and making it easier for those in need.

  2. Charlotte Harmon says:

    Thank God for P G 13….I heard so much good about his family life….I know his parents are very proud of him….And the family of that beautiful little girl is so very grateful. Paul, Thank You for bringing something good to Indiana.

  3. KP says:


  4. louis says:

    Beautiful gesture Paul George.

  5. Joel Z says:

    Inspiring story. Way to go Paul. Hope next season goes great for you. (Except when playing the Jazz)

  6. Da Bulls says:

    P G 1 3

  7. PG's number 1 fan says:

    what an amazing gesture by an amazing athlete, thank you Paul George for bettering lives through your gift of basketball…a true gentlemen

  8. GRX says:

    I wonder why we always get to know they did what they did. I mean- Russel Wesbrook buys a car to single mother, article about it pops up on nba com. The same here. You do it to show off? Do what you do, help people, but dont look for applause, because it looks like you did it more for yourself than them. Only my toughts. Sorry for my english. Peace!

    • Alvarito says:

      Would you rather read someone helping someone in need or read something stupid that a player did last night?

    • Jony says:

      He didn’t do it for attention every little thing you do when your celebrity is under a microscope so we would of known either way @gfx

      But this was cool of Paul george

  9. Marta Query says:

    SO proud of our Indiana Pacers — they’re ALL a group of very generous, caring athlete’s. We may have missed the playoffs this year, but they will always be THE TOP team in my eyes — on and off the court.

  10. Jason Benn says:

    This falls on dead ears and I am unimpressed to say the least. Good for you Paul George spending a measly 10 grand for a wheelchair van, I’m sorry but you make multi millions of dollars, wouldn’t it be a kinder gesture to see this request or story and just get the van since you already met the family previously? It’s great athletes wanna donate extra time and money but don’t be cheap skates you guys make six figures for one game!!! Wanna be a hero go buy her the van then I’ll be impressed and go awwwwwww