Marc Gasol as a matador

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Grizzlies center Marc Gasol has spent a lot of time in Memphis — he went to high school there when his brother, Pau, playerd for the Grizzlies, and then Marc has spent his entire 7 year NBA career in Memphis. He’s developed into one of the NBA’s best centers, and he’ll be a hot property this summer when he becomes a free agent. So what better way for Grizzlies fans to show their appreciation for what Marc brings to the team than by painting a larger than life version of Marc Gasol on the wall of a building, while also paying tribute to his Spanish heritage? Here’s artist Kyle Taylor, via Choose 901, doing his thing…

(via SBNation)


  1. OKC says:

    No way Gasol leaves. Like it was stated above, he played his highschool ball in Memphis where he was TN’s mister basketball and has been there his whole career. Surely they will offer one of the best 5s in the league max and that’s that. Sorry Knicks and Lakers lol.

  2. cipriano mera says:

    I seriously doubt Marc is keen on the painting. Gasol is from Catalonia and in those lands bullfighting is forbidden. Nice effort, though.

  3. amandajillhill says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. johannes says:

    it was lakers who drafted mark gasol then, pau gasol was playing with memphis and suddenly trade between gasol brothers had been made. well hopping memphis can make it ti the finals now with tandem of big men randolf and gasol.

  5. didacperez says:

    The illustration is very well done, but the idea is unpleasant. Don’t forget that Marc is from near of Barcelona and their native language is Catalan. For us, the Catalans, don’t like fighting bulls, in fact fortunately we have banned in Catalonia. Mainly because of animal torture can never be a culture, but a disgrace as a human being. I doubt that Marc Gasol likes this drawing without diminishing the technical quality of the artist. A bullfighter isn’t a superhero, instead, Marc would love to comparasen him and his Grizzlies with emblematic “castellers” of Catalonia (search this on google images) thats reflect our culture and represent the culture of collective effort, precisely what are the Grizzlies team.

    • nachojierro says:

      Nice illustration,Marc is a good spanish player from Spain of course. On the other hand I think Marc could sign for Knicks that could be great.

  6. Dirk is Da Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan says:

    Sure loyalty to 1 team is good but if he wants to see the cheese going to LA or NY would be better financially due to all the possible endorsement money to be made!!! If he wants to win but be low profile nationally & internationally then he should remain with the Grizz but if he wants to LOSE in the limelight & make the GREEN then he should go to LA or NY!!! Or he could just recruit Top free agents like LBJ & make a super team in Memphis or somewhere!!!