Tony Allen had a lot to say during Game 2

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In case you missed it, last night the Grizzlies and Warriors squared off for Game 2 in the Western Conference Semifinals. After missing Game 1 with multiple fractures in his face, Grizz guard Mike Conley returned for Game 2, and the Grizzlies used their grit and grind style to steal a game at Golden State, only their third loss at home all season. Multiple people involved in the game last night were wearing microphones, which makes the following video a lot of fun. Do you think Tony Allen thinks he should be first-team all defense?

VIDEO: Grizz/Warriors Game 2



  1. OKC says:

    “First team all defense!” Lol Allen is great and we have to same Alum. Way to represent OSU Tony!

  2. Everyone’s always talkin about how under rated Mike Conley is. I honestly think Tony Allen is the most under rated player in the NBA. He’s a defensive superstar, even if he’s a nobody on offense that should still make him an All-star. If someone is a superstar on offense, but doesn’t play defense, the way Harden was last year, you still call that person an All-star (Harden was an all star last year). But no one calls Tony Allen an all-star. It’s unfortunate that defense doesn’t get recognized as much on the stat sheet or appreciated as much by fans.

  3. Got your answer! says:

    No doubt!

  4. Greg H. says:

    I want to see what Tony says after they get eliminated!

  5. Mr Sweet Guy says:

    Meh…I don’t know. I feel like I can drop 50 on the guy

  6. dustydreamnz says:

    Lol, hilarious. Agree with anothercavs fan. The Starters were saying Gasol and Randolph would match up so it was up to the guards to pick their game up yesterday, Conley and Allen were outstanding.